Did you guys know you have a disc in your jaw?

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Did you guys know you have a disc in your jaw?

Along with all the other aches & pains, for 7 weeks I had severe jaw, facial, and ear pain. I finally went to the dentist. He took a panolypse x-ray, and I have an internal derangment of the temporal-mandibular disc. I didn't know the jaw had a disc. It is to the point I can't open my mouth very wide, yawn, or eat. Severe pain in my ear. Chewing side to side brings extreme pain Crying The disc is out of place. I have to have a splint made, to force the disc back where it belongs. If it won't stay put, they may consider an artificial joint. I suppose this is one more sx of DDD and degenerative osteo-arthritis. This problem also causes headaches, muscle strains, etc. Just more fun Rolling Anybody else have TMJ or TMD problems along with spiney issues? I didn't need any more chronic pain, I have enough already. I'm about ready to give up. Hope you are all doing better than I am tonight.


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I have had a dislocated disc in my jaw for many years and it is miserable. I have so many other joint issues that I haven't done anything other than physio, acupuncture and a brief visit with a dentist who specializes in facial pain. I tried several splints, but each one irritated my jaw even more, so I just live with it. I am on a maximum dose of anti-inflammatories, so at last that keeps things somewhat settled.

You have probably had this suggestion already, but try not to eat anything that is hard to chew, and avoid chewing gum as much as possible. It just makes life a little bit easier and doesn't irritate the TMJ quite as much.

Good luck, and hope you get some relief.


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Dislocated disc in jaw

I just came from an oral surgeon today and found out I, also have a dislocated disc in my jaw. He put me on steriods (6 first day, 5 the next, etc.) to get the swelling down and valium to take at night to help relax the jaw while I sleep. After 2 weeks, he will check me again and will probaly have my dentist to make a splint to wear at night. I didn't know we have disc in our jaws either. He said it would never get like it was suppose to but he could make it feel better. I guess this is something you have to live with.

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I didn't know, either

I do have TMJ along with a host of neck, back and musculoskeletal disorders. I was going to have braces put on my teeth years back, but the dentist said it would be another $1,500 or so-on top of the $4,000 for braces-to correct my TMJ. Nahhh, I don't think so. My Rheumy old me I have it also, but a slipped disc in the TM jaw area? Wow, that is a new one.

Let us know-or if anyone else knows-if the night splint does any good, OK?

I can see it now-me,in bed, trying to sleep with my awful C-PAP mask on, my wrist splints on both wrists and now, an orthotic device in my mouth!! Hardy har har har.
I think I would scare my B.F. right outta bed! lol

Sorry, not trying to place an incorrect reponse in this Forum. I just try to keep my sense of humor as much as I can.

Thinking of all who suffer form unrelenting, chronic pain, and praying none of goes postal, or somethin. Grin

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TMJ is a pain

I had a terrible ear ache, so bad I couldn't sleep. It hurt really bad when I tried to chew on that side. I went to my ENT Dr. and he checked my ear and it was fine. Checked my bite and told me I had TMJ. Gave me some meds and a pamplet and said to come back in a couple of weeks, if it wasn't better, he would get me a spint for it. I ride a mountain bike and chewed gum to keep my mouth from getting dry. Chewing gum is one of the worse things you can do! Gave up the gum and pain quit. So thankful!

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jwl12550 said,
"Chewing gum is one of the worse things you can do! Gave up the gum and pain quit. So thankful!"

My last Rheumy told me the same thing. I loved chewing gum. Darnit.

BTW, I took all my meds, and feel at least human again.
If you read my Physical Therapy post, you'll know what I mean! Whew

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TMJ, check

I have TMJ, and other issues. Not surprised. Sorry that you are in pain darlin'.

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That is so weird, I never

That is so weird, I never knew there were discs there either until a couple weeks ago. I have had TMJ for a few years now but it just recently started killing my left ear and the whole side of my head so I went to the dentist to have it checked out...no dental insurance so I've been putting it off...anyway, he said it is really rare but I have bilateral disc slippage(not really what it was called but I can't remember). Both of my discs are out though so he said I may have to have surgery but will take a closer look at my x-rays and let me know. I do wonder if that is another symptom of the DDD Maggie, bc I have that too. I'll let you all know what they say about surgery at my follow up.

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Only because I had the one on the left side torn out in an auto accident. I was rear-ended and thrown forward and then back and ended up in the back seat. The trauma of the seat belt catching me ripped the meniscus out of my jaw and I couldn't chew after that. Loud clicking and popping noise. Fortunately, I found a great doctor who put it back together for me. Life is good again.


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