Need pain med that won't make me sick after surgery

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Need pain med that won't make me sick after surgery

I have such horrible reactions to most meds and need something that won't make me sick after surgery. I am going to have my back surgery soon and it is going to be pretty invasive and know I'll need something for pain.
Codeine makes me vomit...literally. Please tell me of something that you know that I can take safely to releave the pain.



itsalongwalk (not verified)
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Rest assured

The docs in the hospital have a variety of anti-sickness medications and injections they can use.

As long as you explain before hand they will be ready for you and hopefully it will not be an issue.

I knew I was bad with the GA and nausea and I warned them. Immediately post op recovery I wrenched and they we very quick to give me something IV.

The next surgery they were better prepared and gave me the IV stuff pre-surgery. No vomit ting and only a teeny weeny bit nausea' the scheme of the whole thing, was nothing.

Good Luck with your surgery.

itsalongwalk (not verified)
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sorry forgot to say

lots of the PCA medications and opiate based meds also make ppl nauseas and this too can be dealt with very efficently!

barney (not verified)
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Thank you. I appreciate

Thank you. I appreciate your answers. It seems everyone says codeine (makes me actually vomit and nauseaus for days)or morphine (get hives, skin turns purple)is what they take.
I hate that I can't take them. The dr. gave me lorcet for presurgery and I heaved for 2 days from one pill. Just not a good drugey.

I finally got approval from ins. co. for my surgery, now beginning to worry about what I'll take for this monstrous pain that I'll have. LOL

Thanks again.


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Nausea from pain meds

My husband is like you in that he never has tolerated pain meds like Lortab. The only one he doesn't get sick on is Percocet. I wouldn't know what to do if I couldn't tolerate any pain meds especially since my pain has been bad lately. I hope they find something that works for you and keep in mind there are suppository anti nausea medication like Phenergan if you can't hold anything down. Best wishes on your upcoming surgery. Take care

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Write down a list

Write down a list and take it with you to meet with anesthetist. They will meet with you, or they should meet with you when you do your presurgey screenings and lab work.
Tell, them exactly what has happened in the past.

I had much better times awakening from my surgeries after number one. I always said, "Hey I'm really nauseous when I wake up"! After that they would say, "yeah it's noted in your chart, but be sure and remind us day of surgery!"

So once you get a talk in, keep repeating yourself!
Don't even remotely think your being silly for bringing it up over and over! Just do it!

Same thing if you are in pain! Be loud and vocal about it!
Once they walk out the room they are busy, you do not want them forgetting you! Bad impression is better than no impression!

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When I woke up from my ACDF, they gave me an injection of morphine. I immediately starting retching. So then they gave me an IV injection of anti-naseau med. It worked fine, but the naseau kept coming back, so they kept giving me more. I was supposed to go home that afternoon, but ended up staying the night, so they could control the naseau. I don't remember what they ended up giving me when I came home for pain, it must have worked fine Grin 9 years ago I had a laparoscopic nissan fundiplication due to extreme GERD, so I can't vomit......literally, so when I need to, all I get is extreme pain that feels like it is tearing out the new valve they built. It is really not comfortable at all. So (long answer) they have lots that can control the naseau, and lots more to control the pain. Good luck on your surgery.


tankeryanker (not verified)
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I'm the same way

I even told them at pre op that anything that was codeine based I didn't do well with. So what did they give me for a perscription when I left the hospital? You guessesd it. My wife didn't notice it when she went to fill it & I was already loopy from the meds at the time of discharge. So when I got home, had some dinner & night time meds I was sick half the nite. DW called in the morning & got another med that I could tolerate which was Tramadol Hyrdrochloride.
No more heavies & after a week of those I was just useing Extra Strenth Tylonal.

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Most all pain meds make me very sick too. After all of my surgeries I made sure they gave me anti-nausea meds even before they gave me pain meds. I always asked for a prescription for phenergan along with the pain medicine to take at home. It works and also seems to make the pain meds work better. I wish you luck with your surgery and your recovery. Take care

barney (not verified)
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Thanks everyone for your

Thanks everyone for your suggestions....I will definitely tell them that unfortunately most pain meds make me sick, really sick. Pain by itself is horrible, but heaving from nauseau is added injury indeed. I don't want to be a wimp and I'm not, just want to be prepared for a great recovery after a wonderful surgery. Does that sound positive??
I'm really becoming quite frightened of the whole ordeal.

The ins. co. refused coverage and has prolonged everything and now that they've finally approved coverage my pain level has increased dramatically and I've had way too much time to think about all that lies ahead of me.

I just keep reading Psalm 91 and relying on my faith to get me addition to my family and friends on this board.

Have a great day everyone.


megb (not verified)
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I have a terrible time with many meds - they make me nauseated, dizzy, breathing problems, itchy, etc. I found that I could take valium at low doses and that really helped with post-surgery muscle spasms. I also found I can do very low doses of hydrocodone.

Two other suggestions - I did only liquids for at least 48 hours before surgery instead of the 24 hours the surgeon suggested. Another doc had told me this would help a lot with post-surgery nausea - and I had very little nausea (they also gave me IV anti-nausea meds for a day or two post-surgery). Also, the anesthesiologist put an acupressure anti-nausea band on my wrist before surgery. She said she does this for all her patients. I had used one before for motion sickness and found they really help. You might ask about that.

Good luck with your surgery.