Pain has forced me to quit my job! :( :( :(

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Pain has forced me to quit my job! :( :( :(

Remember I was SO excited to be going back to work. I had everything all planned out and thought it was pretty easy and very do-able. NOT! Crying

I only worked 2 days ( well nights as it's the midnight shift )in our small family owned commercial cleaning biz.

The first night was rough but not agony, so I assumed it was just my body adjusting to getting back to being used.

I had almost 2 full days off and was well recovered and the second night was beyond horrible!

We ( me and hubby ) got home and he had to all but carry me in the house. He DID have to undress me and out me in & out of the shower ( we were hoping the warm water would help the spasms ) and get me into bed.

Now almost 24 hrs after I worked last I am still in the almost top level of pain. I took 4 Perks in a period of 4 hrs ( I know I know! ) and they did not help. I also wear a F patch.

I am so so so upset! I really thought since the f patch took some much of my pain away I was ready for this. Instead the F patch took away enough of my pain to live a "new normal" life but my old one is still gone. I know realize it is forever gone.... which is not an easy pill to swallow.

However it is time to put on my big girl pants and face up to what it really is.
I have done this go back to work countless times over the 6 yrs I have been injured and it NEVER works out. This time was much shorter then any of the other times. I usually can hang tough for at least a few weeks. I only made it 2 days with almost 2 full days off in between. Eyebrow

I thankfully DO have many other interests that I AM able to do. I love spending time with my grand kids and tomorrow they are moving up closer to me - for 5 yrs they have been 4 hr drive which we all know is not easy for us. Now they will be 10 to 15 minutes away. Party

I also love to design and manger web sites and have played with it with some minimal success. I never gave it my all as in the back of my mind I was going back to the cleaning biz.

It's hard & I won't deny it but I am really trying to be grateful for what I DO have.

Part of what makes this hard is I LOOK OK - unless you see me after working lol so when I tell people I was forced to quit my job they are like - oh did you try some Tylenol or some dumb thing like that.

OK I am just rambling now - needed to vent and wanted to update you all who were following my return to work.

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Hi Beth

I'm sorry you're not able to do your job anymore. But I'm glad to hear your family is closer to your and gives you a chance to see your grandchildren. I wish you find a Dr. that would help you. Take care. Charry

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Hi Beth

Sad Brokenheart At least you gave it a try!

You have a good head on your shoulders and are thinking clearly about what you do have in your life -- so happy your grandkids will be closer to you and the website thing sounds promising.

I'm trying to figure out what I can do for a job also. Can't go back to working for developers on 1400 room hotels in charge of furnishings. Try walking 1400 rooms checking out every piece of furniture. Oh, my aching back! Maybe I'll be working for Dunkin Donuts soon (LOL!).

Anyway, back to you, I am sorry you are in so much pain today -- do you have muscle relaxers to take with pain killers? Does heating pad help? I hear the new infrared ones are great for deep penetatrating heat.

Keep us posted on how you're doing later today.

Take care,


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I agree... U gave it a try at least.
And now you can try something new, your webbing stuff. And maybe it will help you keep your mind busy. It's hard to give up the past and move forward, but you sound grounded and strong. Good luck to you and hope you adjust. We are all here fir you!
Hope you feel better as better as you can!

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So sorry going back to work

So sorry going back to work didn't go well. It's so frustrating, isn't it, to not be able to do the things we want to do. I constantly have to decide what is most important, do it, and leave the rest so I can rest on the couch. I hate that. I want to do whatever I want, and I can't Sad I just can't. Hard reality.

Yes, as to the Tylenol comment, everyone thinks they are a back pain expert. I'm always having people ask me have I tried this, or that, or whatever as if I haven't already thought of that in the six years since my back went bad. Sheesh. I know they mean well, but it kind of makes me feel as if they think that if I just did "XYZ" I'd be fine. Boy, do I wish it was that easy.

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building up..


Question: Do you build your body back up before attempting this?

If you haven't worked but off and on for the last 6 years then your body is like "What are you doing to me" when you attempt to go back. You should work your way up the ladder slowly. Like work maybe an hour one night. two nights, three nights... then maybe work two hours the next week... then maybe work 2.5 to 3 hrs the next week and so on.... You shouldn't try to be he-man the very 1st night out. LOL just a suggestion.


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Good Point there, Michael

Yeah, building up to it would have probably helped a bit. Rather than taking on the whole picture of cleaning, mayhaps doing the lighter of the jobs; dusting, emptying the little office trash cans.

Unless I am totally off-base as to the type of cleaning business. I've pictured in my head cleaning offices and that sort of thing. I'm sorry if I'm wrong.

BUT, I like the way you think, Beth. You've got that "hmmm.. Can't do this; what CAN I do?" That's MOXY! I like Moxy!

PLUS you'll be so busy spoiling those granbabies... you won't hardly have time for anything else!

Do take baby steps, though. Give your body time to build back up before you jump back in the game!

Take care Beth.. Keep us posted?

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Omg I agree with you! LOL
Yes you might be putting your back in shock, and it's freakin out on you!
I know I have been the worst to do too much too soon. And just have learned the last year after 25 years that I can't do things like that. Now I just don't do anything that I know better not to do!
Maybe give it a shot again a little easier.

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Hi Beth...

So sorry it did not work out for you.
You have a great attitude by looking at the things you CAN do. Web design sounds great. Not a lot of us have that talent. Go for it girl!! And having those granbabies close is a plus. Enjoy them.
Sending a hug
Patsy W Wave

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Thanks Everyone Yes I did

Thanks Everyone Smile You who believe in me are so helpful with making me feel better ( inside ) about this whole situation.

Yes I did the right way. I built up to it very very slowly over 5 months doing things the right way as I was taught by my PT and even my Dr's. as far as bending getting back up etc etc.
Even when I did go back I was ONLY working a few hrs a night - after working up to it little by little.

and I DO mean little by little - like showering myself - washing dishes - cooking a meal, running a sweeper, just little things here and there and then the commercial cleaning end I started out with 15 minutes and added to it.

So I did do this perfectly correct. My thought is that something else "went wrong" in my back. I will find out when I see my Dr. again.

He-man ? Seriously - I don't have the capability to even think about being a he-man.

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hi Beth

i had to quit my job too and i have had to turn down my dream job recently as i am too ill ..i am so p1553d off too!!