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pain psychiatrist

My pain Dr sent me to see a pain psychiatrist in his office. He has not given me any pain medication, so I am wondering if he thinks I'm faking it. I have been having pain for over 2 yrs. and the discogram shows annular tears at L4 and L5. Neurosurgeon is recommending disc replacement. I am at my ropes end. Any thoughts or ideas on how I need to deal with this. Pain is so bad that I toss and turn all night. I wear a tinge unit at work every day, I deliver the mail and I couldn't make it through the day without it. I come home and am unable to do anything else. My husband does all the housework, laundry. By the time I get my job done every day and if I am lucky I feel well enough to cook supper. Someone else always has to clean up I am so miserable. Where do I go from here?

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Can you provide some more information

Its very difficult to make recommendations without knowing all the facts.

- When and how did all this start?
- Besides the discogram, what other diagnostic tests (MRI) have you had and what were the results
- What are the medications you are currently taking
- What treatments have you had (ie Physical Therapy, TENS, etc)
- What is the plan that your Pain Doctor has for you? Besides seeing a psychiatrist
- How did your Neurosurgeon come up with their recommendation
- Have your Pain Doctor and Neurosurgeon been involved with your case and are aware of everything
- Annular tears many times can be treated with conservative treatment and avoiding surgery, what has been offered to you?

This are just some of the questions that when you provide answers will make it easier for folks here to provide you with some insight.

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There are many differing theories on pain, depending on which doctor you speak with. Many people with annular tears do not suffer pain symptoms, so I think the doctors want to exhaust conservative treatments before making the assumption the pain is from your disc.

I have suffered chronic pain for 3 years now and had neck surgery. Some of my pain has gone, but I believe some pain is related to daily stress, our past and other emotional setbacks in life. I think seeing a pain psychiatrist is a wise next step. I wish I had gone to see one before my surgery. Feel free to PM me if you would like to know more about my journey. I wish you much luck!

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My 1st Neurosurgeon after

My 1st Neurosurgeon after examining me stating that I have a medical problem that is visible on MRI's X-Ray's Bone scan's sent me to Pain Management stating that I should wait 10-15 years or so before we try surgery. I went to pain management for 8 months had injections, PT, Nerve ablation, etc. They then sent me to pain psychologist who said that the mind can generate pain...okay well I went to another NS and they said I need surgery now because of nerve damage. It is likely that I will have permanent nerve damage I wish I hadn't waited so long. When it comes to quality of life if you feel you aren't being heard you should ask some serious questions of your doctors. I would ask them what exactly what the plan is, are they going to do a disc replacement or are they waiting? If they just want to wait, then ask why? what is the benefit? etc. Don't ever assume that you are on the same page without telling them what your goals are and what they can reasonably provide. You are your best advocate, I hope that made some sense. I hope you get the relief you need!