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pain pumps

hello everyone. i,ve been diag. with fbss,after a disc removel at l5/s1,i was needing advice on the long term treatment, whether to stay on oral medications, or to try the pain pump. i,m scaired that life is over,and i,m not sure which way to go. any info would be helpful. thank you

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Hi quentin.35,
I don't know what fbss stands for. But usually a pain pump is considered after a pm doc. can see that you will be in chronic pain indefinitely.
I had one offered to me along with several different other options. And I decided against it.
If I had it to do all over again. I would opt for the pain pump. You get pain relief without having to count pills and fight to refill prescriptions. And just the mental stigma of personally seeing and taking multiple prescriptions!
Last month I took a Trip and forgot one of my prescriptions and had to rush home to avoid withdrawals.
Good luck, Jim ....P.S. welcome to S-H.

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Hey Jim:

I got stumped on that one too, but after reading the post,I think it may be Failed Back Surgery Syndrome?

Just a guess....

Jeaux Wink