Scar Tissue following surgery

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Scar Tissue following surgery

Hi all,
I am new to the site, and have a few questions. First do you guys place your meds at the bottom of your posts??
Now to the nitty gritty. Has anyone been diagnosed with scar tissue following a fusion? If so, what is being done for you? MY PM, told me there is not much that can be done....just suffer or take pain meds.

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Hi Gmcgee,

To add your medical history and medications you're on, you go into MY ACCOUNT and click on EDIT on the far right. Then scroll down to the bottom to the signature line, and that's where you can type in your info.

I do have scar tissue after a fusion too, and my surgeon also told me surgery isn't good for this because it always grows back, and it can be worse. Initially I went in for an ESI to hopefully help with the pain and inflammation but it didn't work for me.

There is a procedure called lysis of adhesions where they take a caudal approach and inject a solution that should break up the scar tissue. They can also use a catheter to do this but this is very delicate to perform. I think this is a temporary solution because scar tissue always comes back. My surgeon would rather not mess with it so the problem won't be made worse. In my case I hope that a morphine pump helps with my constant pain and nerve damage.

You and your doctor will have to decide what will be best in your situation and you should do some research to know all about this problem. Some people do decide to have surgery to remove scar tissue because it's impinging on a nerve. Whatever you choose to do, I hope it relieves your pain. Take care

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Thanks so much for the info. From what my PM doc told me, I knew the scar tissue problem was going to delicate. I hate this entire thing! It is driving me crazy!!
I try so hard to have a positive attitude and think, "okay Glenna it is bad for you, but there are people with worse issues than you".
But sometimes I just want to give in to my self pitty. Sorry, I went off on a bit of a tanget.
Thanks again for the info, I will do my research.

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I'm sorry you have scar tissue and the Dr won't do anything about it can you get another referral to another PM Dr? or Ortho. I guess it would be the PM Dr to inject for lysis of adhesions? I had to get a 2nd PM Dr because the first was in a different mindset, the 2nd PM was good to find the facet joint problem and I had injections for that. He also talked to my husband for an hour about chronic pain and how we just can't "snap out of it" That was helpful for me and he just seemed so personable. Best wishes for what they do for you for the scar tissue and any pain related to it. Take care. Charry

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It is totally okay to feel sad when it comes to these problems; nobody expects that it will happen to them. I mean, we went from able-bodied people to debilitated in short order. Who wouldn't be upset? I hold pity parties all the time and I feel it's a normal thing to go through. At least we're not alone and we have friends here who relate and care Angel

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gmcgee,painful scar tissue

hi! Wave scar tissue is one of dirty little secrets kept quiet until after the fact!! Thinking something many more of us would have considered if we had know just how painful scar tissue can be. ~X( good luck on finding conservative treatment to help with your pain. Grin Jenny Smile

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Hi everyone

I've had 11 surgeries in my life so mucho mucho scar tissue going on inside me! I was once told that scar tissue acts like fingers inside the body and they move around and can attach themselves to whatever and cause alot of trouble in some people! :jawdrop: It happened to my ex husband!!

I'm praying it does not happen to me! Angel

Evelyn Wave

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Hello Glenna ~

Anyone who has had surgery has scar tissue. It is the body's way of dealing with being cut and having something removed. The tissue fills back in. Sometimes this can cause problems, some more serious than others.

I think it is fairly common that a doctor does not want to deal with it, as the results are completely unpredictable.

I just got back from two appointments, one with a PM doc and the other with my first surgeon who did my fusion 16 months ago. We had a conversation about scar tissue since my post-operative MRI shows "extensive epidural fibrosis...". The PM doc does not feel it is causing my nerve pain, but he said he could inject some sort of saline solution to see if it makes any difference. My surgeon told me that scar tissue was all the rage about 10 years ago and was blamed for any pain after back surgery that was otherwise unexplicable. He said it was "popular" because you cannot prove one way or the other if it is the cause of pain. You can say that it is there, or not, but you cannot say for sure that it is the cause of pain. They do know that if you cut it out, it will grow back. So there is little to be done about it.

The next option is finding a way to deal with the pain. So I guess these two doctors would agree with what your PM told you. My guys today basically told me things are what they are. I think that was the polite way of telling me things are as good as they are going to get, so I might as well relax and learn to deal with the situation. The only thing left to offer me is trying to manage the pain...nothing any of us want to hear, right?

So, to answer your question: yes, some of us have been told we have scar tissue after fusion. I am one of them. Bah !!!

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hi and welcome

i have scar tissue .following 2 operations .to be honest with you there's nothing much that can be done .in my last operation the surgeon removed as much as he could of the old scar tissue from the first operation.but 6 months later its back ! .just take your pain killers use a good TENS and swim if you can ,,enjoy the site

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Scar tissue

Whenever you cut into your skin it leaves a scar. The same is with tissue under your skin. It leaves scars too. Whare ever tissue is cut and grows back together it has a scar.
I have nerve damage caused by scar tissue. It is very painful and thare is no cure for ir.
I am having a spinal cord stimulator implant soon to deal with pain issues. Instead of feeling pain I will tingle. It is not a cure but it is the best next thing to it.
Good luck to you. Do not give up hope.
Patsy W