sjogren's syndrom and chronic back pain

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sjogren's syndrom and chronic back pain

Would like to hear if anyone with Sjogren's syndrom has had some success with decompression of the back? I have had chronic back pain, have tried several options, and now want to know about this form of treatment for pain? Thanks for all replies.

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I have done a small amount of research on this since one of my good friends has SS....And I just looked through the .org website to double check...but I have never heard of SS being the cause of disc/spine issues.

Have you had an actual Board Certified Neurosurgeon or BC Orthopedic surgeon tell you that your SS has caused these issues? Have you had a MRI to verfiy disc herniations?

Since there is no cure for SS....and there is usually not much pain associated with SS....I guess I am not seeing the correlation for having back surgery and somehow curing your SS....

Most people, starting at age 25-30 have disc changes and the start of degenerative disc disease. The word "disease" is really a misnomer....since it is mainly just a part of aging. Many people if you took them off the street and did a MRI would show issues with their spine but they may not have a single symptom. And then others can have a slight disc bulge, or a bone spur and have terrible pain.

So, to me, obviously not being a Dr. or medical professional of any kind...but I would treating these two things separately. Usually a Rheumatologist is a knowledgeable on SS and then find a BC Neurosurgeon or Othropedic surgeon to help with your back issues...

Good luck..