Take a bath!

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Take a bath!

Take a bath! Warmth or thermal is very good against back pain. Even better is a bath with Epsom Salt. Put like 3 cups of REV epsom salt (from CVS) into your bath water and enjoy soaking the Magnesium Sulfate (with its very relaxing scent). Stay in there for 15 minutes and feel rejuvenated and Backpain-free after.

dr_eric (not verified)
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Sounds good but i would need about ten guys to get me out of the tub. I am not fat but my spine is broken in ways that getting up out of bed or even a chair is painful beyond bearing!

But if it works you I am very happy that you have less pain and keep it up.

KEEP IT SAFE TOO! Bath mats. A chair next to the tub etc.


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Hi Alex and Welcome

thanks, I'll get my husband to buy some epsoms salt for me i forgot how soothing that is. See you around. Charry

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Bath? Hot Tub

If getting out of the tub is difficult try the local YMCA or a local hotel/motel. Several of them in my area will let you use their facilities for special purposes. The hot tub is great, I am lucky that my husband bought me one a couple of years ago because of my back pain. I went in last night and had a great night sleep, warm and relaxed. Give it a try, all the motel people can say is no.