Awful Burning Pain on Lower Back only when Laying Down

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Awful Burning Pain on Lower Back only when Laying Down

My Pain is getting worse. It started with severe muscle spasms everytime I got up from laying down. My back would lock up, I'd be hunched over in Pain unable to move or stand straight. After 1-2minutes of slowly stretching upright & holding the Bed, I was finally able to stand straight. Once I started moving the Pain dissapeared. WIERD. Once I lay down again and got up This Cycle would repeat itself. Now when I lay down I get an Awful Burning Pain on my Lower Back. I awaken everynight around 2-3am bcs the pain is so bad. It feels like Heavy weight on my Low Back on Fire. My Pain seems to getting worse as the night continues. Once I get out of Bed after about 5-10 minutes and move around the Pain dissapears. I still feel a dull ache of normal back pain through the Day but it's bearable. The Real Pain comes only when I lay down or get up from laying down. WIERD
MRI, XRAY, Blood Test, Neurological Exam. Drs suggest No findings as to why I'm geting this Pain. MRI showed Moderately Severe Disc Degeneration L5S1, Epidural Bulge, Bone Hemangioma,
XRAY:Normal, Blood Test showed Vitamin D Low
I'm sched for an Epidural Injection but afraid of this Treatment & Risk may not help,

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Usually the injections are diagnostic in order to narrow down the cause of your pain. I did get temp relief from facet blocks and epidurals which led to getting a rhizotomy which was tremendous help. I have arthritis in my facet joints and go through exactly what you describe with the back locking up and not able to straighten up. Good luck and please keep us posted.

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hi there it sounds like...

spinal stenosis ..i have the same problems that burning wake me up at 3 am every night .if you lean forward does you pain get better? and does leaning back make it worse.?DDD is a common problem sometimes it give pain and sometime the person does not know that they have a problem.have you tried a TENS machine .they can help with pain try the acticare its a top end machine and you can use it on your spine .see
good luck

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I have burning pain in back and groin too

I have the same pain.The only difference is my back doesn't lock up. The burning sensation in my back and groin wake me up out of my sleep and it seems to lessen when I get out of bed..I always have it to some extent with no diagnosis yet. I don't have stenosis. I do have sacral cysts. My Dr gave me Ambian 12.5 to help me sleep through the night so I get 6-7 hrs with no side effects.thank God..

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spinal stenosis ..i have the

spinal stenosis ..i have the same problems that burning wake me up at 3 am every night .if you lean forward does you pain get better? and does leaning back make it worse.?DDD is a common problem sometimes "quoted from STRAKER"

YES!!!!! That burning pain is terrible!!! I get this many nights around 2am for me. Just terrible for those of use trying just to get a few hours of sleep!!! I feel that burning type pain sometimes when I am driving in a car. Drives me crazy! So, yes I can sympathize with what you all are saying. Funny..STRAKER....never thought how leaning forward does help to take pressure off or something...

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No Spinal stenosis.. I don't think that's it. XRAY, MRI and EMG

Nothing shows that. I just had an Emg done. My Nerve and Muscle Function was Normal. I heard that an EMG is a good Test to check if you have the Spinal Stenosis. I don't think that's what it is,, I think for my case leaning back makes the Pain worse. (laying down or getting out of Bed extremely painful) My Dr. says I have severe disc degeneration L5S1 & that could be causing the Pain. But after research I'm starting to think it's my Facet Joints or Worse my Spinal Bone Hemangioma that was found 6yrs ago. I requested an MRI & had them check to see if I still had a hemangioma there from 6yrs ago (to see if it's compressing on nerves). Recent results showed no hemangioma just Epidural Bulge & Severe Degenerated Discopathy on L5S1 & mild multilevil degenerative spondylosis. I demamded a second look at the MRI results,, came back they did find a hemangioma. HMM could this be causing this Pain?? The more and more research I do,, I'm thinking it's my hemangioma growing or cxompressing on the nerves. Laying down makes the Pain much worse. Drs. don't understand why laying down causes this severe pain....Is laying down putting pressure on this hemangioma or pressure on my facet joints. Every night my Pain seems to get worse. The burning went away but I still have this deep dull ache that is extremely Painful.

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lower back pain

i'm sorry you have to suffer this, but i'm glad i'm not along... i think i have pretty much exactly the same diagnosis. is your pain on one side or it's symmetrical... mine is on both side now and i cannot lay on my back... the pain is excruciating... i cannot sleep... what do you do to help yourself?

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I have had this pain for over 6 years.

its horrible and every time ive been to a doctor they cant find anything. I havent been able to sleep in my bed with my wife for years and its put a strain on our relationship. not fun... if i sleep in a chair i can sleep for a while but i toss and turn the whole time. my insurance is out now and i have no option but to live with it for now. just glad i found a reputable site with others who have the same problem.