Back pain and migraines

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Back pain and migraines

I've had two surgeries already and getting my fusion in two weeks I've been getting a lot of migraines lately. Anyone else have this? They're crippling. I have extreme nausea with it and I lay in bed for hours

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Its really hard to distinguish

between migraines and headaches you can get from spinal problems.
Any headache when you are already not feeling that great can be monumental. I would contact your PCP to see if there is anything they can suggest to reduce some of your migraines.

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I actually get less migraines

I actually get less migraines nowadays. I think because I always have painkillers and NSAIDs in my system.

When I do get a migraine I find taking 3 regular strength aspirins at the first sign helps. It is hard on the stomach but I don't have to do it very often. Of course, this may not be a good idea with whatever meds you take so speak to your pharmacist or doctor first. I also draw the blinds, wear a travel mask and lie in the dark. That helps too.