bulging disk - glute, hip and back pain

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bulging disk - glute, hip and back pain

i wrote a while back and someone recommended i get an mri, which i finally did.

so the mri came back and i have a small bulging disk, which has been the cause of my pain. i have yet to discuss in detail with the doctor, but before i do, i want to hear what people think my options might be and what i can do to help the problem and manage the pain? any ideas?

any help/info would be very appreciated.



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Hi Josh

Is your Dr. giving any pain meds? That was the first thing that helped me deal with my pain from a herniated disc that I had. Heat as well as alternating with cold packs helped my back and leg pain. Walking is pretty well the only exercise you can do without a Drs order.

I had to use a cane to help me go for walks as well as I bought a lumbar support belt to help at first but don't wear it much anymore as I'm trying to strengthen my core muscles with Physiotherapy exercises but you need to speak with your Dr. before doing any exercises besides walking. Take care and keep us posted what treatment you get to help. Charry

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Howdy Josh,

You're doctor will compare your MRI results with your physical symptoms to determine if the bulge is generating your pain. He might even send you for further testing. As for pain meds, same thing, the doctor will have to weigh that with your symptoms and any other medications (including OTC) you are on.

Like Charry said, be careful with exercises until you see your doctor. Please keep us posted on how it goes. Take care. Smile


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Hi Josh

Your doctor will determine from your MRI whether you are a candidate for surgery or conservative methods should be utilized.

For me, I wasn't a surgery candidate so I went down the road of pain meds, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, heat and ice (alternating), tens unit (for pain management), back support, stretching, and I purchased an inversion table.

I have a small bulging disk at L4/L5. My doctor told me that these are sometimes the hardest to treat and get heal. Hey, no kidding, I was in a "whole lotta misery" to the point of finally losing my job over it.

I also had three epidural injections. The first one seemed to make it worse. I got one week each of relief from the third and fourth shots.

I honestly thought I would never be out of pain. But to my great relief by June of last year, the pain started to subside. So it took about a year for the whole episode to die down. I still take tramadol and lyrica to control the residual effects.

I now make sure to stretch every day and walk as often as possible.

So that's my story -- I hope that conservative measures are in your future.

Take care,