Disc Injury from twisting the back

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Disc Injury from twisting the back

I have low back pain on the right side, and is mostly localized to the disc area. There is very mild sciatic pain. I recall when the pain started. I twisted my back too much while trying to get out when stuck in snow.

There was a mild pain in the back since then. It became much worse recently when I did some stretches. The pain is still localized to the back/hip area.

I will be getting an MRI in another month, so waiting for that to get an accurate diagnosis.

Is there anyone in the forum who injured their back from twisting too much? What was the diagnosis in your case? Was it a herniation or a disc tear.

I read somewhere that disc tears usually heal(mostly) within 8-16 months. I am hoping mine is a tear that can be healed. Thinking

cguy04 (not verified)
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Same Fate

I have the same prob with my back.

I joined an aerobics class on a friends insistence and i bought this pain. :D
I went to a doctor who first diagnosed it as slipped disc or muscle tear. Later, after further diagnosis it was confirmed as the latter.
It has been 5 weeks since i had started the treatment, but i still get a shooting pain whenever i bend, twist or even sit for long times.

I am nw wearing a Sarco Lumber belt, it is a little helpful.

I am going for a second opinion and possibly MRI scan.
Do tell ur diagnosis and treatment. Smile

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Hi, yeah I was twisting, moving a patient up in bed. My pain was mainly in my low back, radiating to my right hip. My MRI showed diffuse but small bulging of the discs at 2 levels. After 15 months of the pain getting not better but worse with many different alternative therapies and epidural injections, I have finally gotten a hemilaminectomy and discectomy. The doc said the bulge was over twice as big as the MRI showed and there were fragments of the disc floating around, agitating the nerve. So, I guess you could say it was herniation and tear. I think giving it some time to heal on its own is a great idea, although some say that the longer you wait, the more damage may be done to the nerve which sounds totally valid too. Hope that helps you some...
Good luck!!

Peter B
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Back injury from twisting.

Hi sceptrum, I get this frequently if I do sweeping, raking or shovelling.
Starts with a dull ache in lower back, then gradually worsens and moves to the left or right. When a bad case, walking is very painful, no sleep.
In my case, it is caused by the pelvic/ spine joints either locking up or moving out of the socket.
A visit to my chiropractor is the only way to fix it. He is able to correct the joint immediately.
While still sore, full movement is restored and I must take it easy for a few days while the inflammation settles and the joint is allowed to bed in properly.
It can easily pop out or lock up again if I'm not careful afterwards.

So now I make sure any of these activities are avoided or done carefully for only a short time.

You should also watch for twisting when getting up from a chair, when it's likely you will twist so you can head off in a certain direction. Also cars-in fact any situation where the back is twisted. If you are aware, you will notice it happens all day.

jade2 (not verified)
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sceptrum- I find that any twisting movement hurts my back and I try to always keep my spine straight. I am mindful of my motions. If I need to, I use a velcro type low back brace (cheap one) to make sure I don't twist it. I may try a prescription brace but I find my cheap brace at least keeps me straight. jade

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Twisting did it

I was bending over trimming my horse's back hoof when he pulled it forward which twisted my body. I felt a strange sensation in my back and when I stood up and walked was when it got painful. My MRI shows a broad based disk bulge with central protrusion and stenosis at L4-L5. That was last December and with physical therapy, walking, & NSAIDS I seem to be recovering. I do have to be careful though. I twisted again the other day and can feel it. I no longer do things like trimming my horses hooves myself.

I expect this may catch up with me someday, but who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and it won't.

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My first disc herniation

A combination of twisting, pulling and lifting a 50# sack of dog food out of a cart where it had gotten wedged did my back in. I had loaded and unloaded the same size sack many times with no problems, but the combination of twisting, pulling and lifting all at the same time, plus some impatience on my part... well, the rest is history! It progressed from relatively minor discomfort in the my lower back to moderate hip pain to excruiating thigh pain over a period of 3-4 months. But, I kept thinking I could "work through it," until it got so bad I could do nothing.

Hopefully you can heal without surgery. Take it easy on yourself. In my case I felt so much better after my first surgery that I went right back to my old ways of doing anything and everything except lifting heavy objects. At least I did give that up! Now that I have had my seoond back surgery, my neurosurgeon told me very sternly... learn to live with limitations. Don't do anything that might do further damage to my back, as there aren't many options left, and none of them good.

So, take care of your back! And best of luck with your diagnosis.