Disk Bulges, stenosis, and arthritis

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Disk Bulges, stenosis, and arthritis

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if you all can help me, please? I had a 2 level neck fusion in Jan. of '07. I no sooner got over that (if you can call it getting over) then my lower back started to kill me. I think all of this might be from a hard ice fall 7 yrs. ago. I am 52, so it all catches up eventually. I got an MRI and I have bulging disks, arthritis, and stenosis at levels...L3-4, L4-5, and L5-S1. I walk with a bit of a limp (which is bumming me out) and cannot really walk for any distance. I can't stand up for real long either. I cant substitute elem. school because of this issue, which I have been doing for 30 yrs and want to continue. My hip hurts a lot too. I thought some of it might be hip bursitis (which I have on both sides from that ice fall). But I got a nice big steroid shot in there last week and my hip is still hurting when I walk. I know hip pain can be referred from the lumbar area. I have already been thru a ton of PT (no help at all). I cant out of pain enough to do any exercises that would strengthen my back. So far i have had 2 lumbar facet injections (no help...even though right after the doc did them, i did feel better for a little while that day.) I have also had one epidural 3 weeks ago that helped somewhat. I am having my 2nd one tomorrow. My PT told me that if this doesnt work, I might be looking at the possibility of surgery. Oh boy, not again. But it WOULD be great to be able to walk half decently again. It is really changing my lifestyle, this walking/standing problem. If I have bulging disks and stenosis at 3 levels...should the epidural be done at all of those 3 levels??????? Also, can you guys tell me what surgery they might do if I need one, so I can kind of research it. I found all kinds of different names and am not sure what they do for my issue. I PRAY it wouldnt be a fusion. My dr. told me that the disks are not degenerated (like they were in my neck). I forgot to mention that so far I dont have sciatica, which amazes me, actually..but thank God. I dont know how I can be in this much pain and not have sciatica, to be honest.

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you may want to research Laminectomy.It is performed in the case of Spinal Stenosis.
Your hip pain could be a result of bad posture.Are you using a cane to help the limp?
Hope you feel better!Good luck!

G. 8)

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hip pain

I have constant hip pain in both. Mine is from the LB problems that I have. I also walk with a hitch- I have for a year or so. I was actually treated 2 years ago for a torn hip flexor and now believe it was my back all along.

If you look at the attachment you will see how the lumbar nerves run down the outside/hip area.


I do have bad posture due to having bad pain Tongue I own a cane but rarely use it.

Feel better,


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I am not using a cane YET.

I am not using a cane YET. Its not a severe limp, but I have to admit..it does affect the posture. And the way I know this is that I get really tight in my upper back and neck (from my neck fusion) fromk the limp. I hope to rectify the limp, because I would love to not have to do that the rest of my days.

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I am not sure why that cane

I am not sure why that cane comment I made got in bold and on my reply twice. hehe. weird.
Thanks so much for that nerve root page. Very helpful!