Does Back Pain Ever Go Away?

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Does Back Pain Ever Go Away?

Almost everything i've read, people have been in pain for awhile, a long while.
I've been in pain for a month and a half, but i hope i can be normal again with no pain, is that crazy? Does any one's pain totally go away or at least down to a minimum.
I can't sleep cause i can't lay down flat, please tell me that will change. Puzzled

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Depends on what is causing the back pain

Hi Grace,
That is such a difficult question to answer without knowing what is the root cause of your back pain.
This is a difference between Acute and Chronic pain. Many times a person can pull a muscle, pinch a nerve that can cause Acute pain for several weeks. Through proper treatment (Rest,Heat, possible Physical Therapy and medication) that type of problem and pain should go away.
Pain associated with spinal disc's can linger on much longer.
Depending on what is the problem with the disc, it can lead to Chronic pain.
The only way to know is to see your doctor, let them start with a clinical examination and have them take it from there.

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Back Pain

Hi Grace,
I agree with dilauro, Have your doc. refer you to the best spine specialist he knows. an orthopedic or neuro surgeon. and get the process going. And don't feel bad about getting a second opinion. I wish I had!
Good luck, Jim

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If it gets chronic :''(

Than it's hard to sit down.
Hard to type and one loose patience.
I am at this state for 6 month.
LBP & sciatica.

And this is after a successful cervical surgery.




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Grace, I have such deep empathy for you and the fact that you can't lay flat to sleep. I haven't been able to lay down on my bed to sleep in over 7 years. Way too painful! I'm hoping that you have acute pain that doesn't last. While we can't tell you what to expect down the line, we can empathize with you and give you our support. I wish you the best of luck and keep us posted as to what the doc's have to say!
Keep your head up,

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I agree with Ron & Jim,

Ask for a referral ASAP. Get the process started. I waited a long time and because of that I am having a difficult recovery.

Have you had any treatments yet? What kind of tests have been done and can you describe your pain?

Some of Selective nerve root injections made me feel normal if only for a short time.

Good luck Hug


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You have my sympathy as

You have my sympathy as well, I have not slept on a real bed in years little did I know it was my back giving out.Like others have said get a referral and find out what may be causing this, its half the battle.

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Hey thanks for responding,
I went to the orthopedic back in Jersey and he didn't really tell me anything new, just asked me how an 18 year old ends up with this type of injury, which i don't have the answer to, lol. He gave me a steroid pack, that i finished today and i don't know if that helped or if it is the chiropractor that has helped.

I just got new x-rays in Boston on Saturday and my whole spine is off to the right and apparently i have a short right leg and real bad muscle spasms, which again is nothing new. But after getting adjusted yesterday i feel better, because this chiropractor did a bunch of different little things, so hopefully i'll be back to normal soon. lol

But the only diagnosis i've gotten is 3 herniated discs, and i made an appointment with a physical therapist in hope it will prevent this from ever happening again.

Thanks again.

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Chiro be-ware

I know some people have had luck w/chiropractors. I know many others, including myslelf, that have nothing nice to say. They have there place, when the spine is truly out of wack. But most of the time they act like they can help anything (and they CANT)!!! Everyone has one leg shorter than the other (one hip bone slightly higher than the other on X-ray). Adjustments usually make you feel better, but rarely help, and maybe even hinder progress. I would use a chiropractor only if reffered to by a back specialist (ortho or neuro). PT can often help (never hurt)! Chiropractors can sometimes hurt (rarely help long term)! Be carefull and beware. The Chiro's purpose is to get you comming back for adjustments for the rest of your life ($$$$$$).

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Take care and be kind to yourself.

Pain does not discriminate by age and I always feel for those newbie’s starting on the unknown journey with all the trepidation and hope, that duration thing is difficult to guess and you are doing the right strategy by seeking early evaluation and diagnosis.

As you say these minimal adjustment you mention may have the desired effect in correcting any inherent anomalies that walking could initiate and as you say time will determine the success of this strategy. Has anything changed, as you say the problem has become worse over the past few weeks, continuing appraisal may indicate the origin of this pain and the contributing effect of your unequal leg however minimal.

Laying flat may increase the pressure on you spine, perhaps lie on your side with a pillow between your legs to reduce the twisting and rotation of your spine, give it a go.

Good luck Grace, we all wish we had some answer for you.

Take care and be kind to yourself. John

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Someone above made the comment that everyone has different length legs. Patently not true. I have one leg 1 cm shorter (from knee to ankle). Was x rayed while standing which showed a lilt in pelvis. After 3 years of pain, it went away withing two weeks of having put a lift in my right shoe. Okay for 20 years then went on holiday without lift in shoe and came home with sciatica. And now experiencing chronic low back pain now. These things never seem to go away.