Extreme joint pain above tailbone

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Extreme joint pain above tailbone

Help! I am 22 yrs old and have had chronic back pain for 3 years now. My pain was diagnosed as Lordosis and slightly uneven hips. However, they were unable to diagnose the worse part. Anytime I lay down my back starts to hurt, however, whenever I try to sit up I feel stabbing pains where my sacroiliac joints are. It is so bad I have to turn on my side to sit up. Anyone know what is wrong? Thanks!

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SI joint problems

Hi, Tiffany. It really sounds like your SI joints ARE the problem; have you been to a physiotherapist at all? When my pelvis is out of alignment, my SI joints go crazy. I see a physio who does acupressure and acupuncture along with physiotherapy, and she is able to give me SOME relief. I also have specific exercises to stretch the joint, but a physiotherapist needs to show them to you.

Other than that, I've had relief through rhizotomies, but I would highly suggest physiotherapy before you try anything else too drastic.

Take care, and good luck.


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Hey Tiffany, Im 22 also and

Hey Tiffany,

Im 22 also and am having some of the same problems as you. Ive been diagnosed with disc bulges and DDD etc etc but I also have an exaggerated curve in my low back (lordosis) and my PT just told me that my pelvis is crooked.

I have problems sitting straight up as well, and when im laying down flat on my back its not comfortable at all. I can't really explain it but it feels like...my back is trying to flatten but it cant? If that makes any sense...the doctors are trying to get me to strengthen the abdominal muscles but what they dont seem to understand is that my spine itself doesnt want to be straight....because of the lordosis it seems like.

Have you had an MRI or anything?

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Hey Tiffany and Tracy, thank

Hey Tiffany and Tracy, thank you so much for your help! Tracy, I have not had physiotherapy but I have been looking into it. Tiffany, I completely understand what you're saying. Whenever I lay on my back and try to straighten it, my spine feels like it pops down toward the floor. Its really painful but it seems to help after I get back up. I haven't had an MRI, but I am looking into that too. Thanks!

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Hi TiffanyH and welcome to

Hi TiffanyH and welcome to spine-health.com To repeat what Tiffany and Tracy said, I would recommend you seeing a physiotherapist who specialises in back pain as a starter. Also get a referral to a spine specialist (e.g. neuro or ortho surgeon) and get an MRI taken of your spine. That should identify what the issues is.

As Tracy said it may well be your SIJ's. I had problems with mine but it was fixed by physiotherapy and the right exercises at home.

Keep positive!


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