Houston PM Dr?

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Houston PM Dr?

I was injured in an automobile accident and am in need of a pain management doctor who accepts Medicaid in the Houston Tx. area. I am in severe pain and out of medication. I was told by a DR that I needed a spinal block and that is what I am seeking from a PM DR. If you know of any doctors in this are who accept Medicaid, PLEASE LIST THEM! Thank You!

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You can contact you medicaid

You can contact you medicaid office and they can give you the names of providers in your area.

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I did call Medicaid and the

I did call Medicaid and the Doctor's they reffered me to either no longer accepted Medicaid or the number's were no longer in order? I have tried everything! The few that did accept medicaid refused to accept me due to the fact that ALL My Injurys are due to the car accident and they do not handle accident related/ nor/ workman's comp. cases .....even though I recieved Medicaid only BECAUSE OF THIS ACCIDENT! So frustrating.....and yet in so much pain..