l4,l5 vertebrae fracture?

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l4,l5 vertebrae fracture?

3 weeks ago I was squatting a pretty heavy weight (465 pounds 15 times), I've been weight training for 6 years and I know that there was no problems with my form, when I was done I had a little pain in my lower back right in the center, by the time I got home an hour later I was in a 9 in pain, I have very good grounds for comparison as I've played games with a torn quad, torn knee ligaments, dislocated shoulder, labrum tears, one labrum tear all the way through, concussions, high ankle sprains, and a broken hand and had 2 major shoulder surgeries. The pain subsided some about 4 days later to where I am now in a constant 4 or 5, the pain is still sharp and still in the dead center of my spine. My pain spikes up when I sit down, that bothers it more than anything. I went to the dr. a couple days ago and got an x-ray, they said they didn't see anything so they gave it a diagnosis of a sprain. I don't at all think that that is the correct diagnosis because it wouldn't put me in that much pain, I don't see how you can sprain something with a straight up and down motion, and since the pain has subsided some turning my body doesn't bother it. The dr. was an absolute knockout so I was an idiot and flirted with her instead of asking these questions, and now I can't get an appointment for a couple weeks. I haven't had an MRI, but it seems highly unlikely to me that it is a disc issue because I've got people in my family with a myriad of disc problems and they say it always comes with shooting pains in your arms or legs which I don't have. I've known multiple guys who have gotten vertebrae fractures from squatting large weights and I know stress fractures don't show up on x-rays sometimes. I have a season coming up and we're going to be serious contenders to win a national championship so I'm desperate to find out what's wrong and when I can train again. If anyone can shed some light on this for me I'd greatly appreciate it, and if you need more info I'll be happy to give more.

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Ask for an MRI

I had terrible back pain for 6 month before I was sent for an MRI. Found out I had a broken disk fragment pinching off a nerve. It doesn't show up on an x-ray.
I wish you the best.

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