Lower back pain and bump

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Lower back pain and bump

About a week ago I noticed that the right side of my lower back started to get really sore. I've had knots in my back before and this pain felt similar to that of a muscle knot. Bending foreward at the hips was very painful and after getting a professional massage a few days after the pain started, it only became worse.
Applying heat and rubbing the sore area did help but now a week later since the pain started, this doesn't seem to help and the pain is only worsening. Now, the pain is more of a sharp pinching pain and I am noticing that, compared to the smooth lower back muscle on the left side of my back, there is a small bump on the lower right side of my back.
The pain is just to the right of my spine and I am able to wiggle the lump.
I am going to see my doctor next week but should I get another massage before then? Im just not sure if this is merely a pulled muscle or something more serious. Has anyone heard anything like this before?

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Hi lynn. Not sure if you're

Hi lynn. Not sure if you're following my thread on back crooked and lower back pain but I too have a bump on my right side along with the spasms. I have had this happen to me several times and this time I'm going to get to the "root" of the problem. X-rays revealed not much except perhaps a bit of arthritis. But the docs say not enough to give me the pain I'm getting. I'm scheduled for a scan next friday. It's always the same side, my back goes crooked to my right and with that bump. I suspect a swollen muscle.
I will be updating my thread as I progress with diagnostics.

Are you getting spasms also? It's been two weeks for me and I still can't walk without a walker and I'm only 52.