Lower Back Pain radiated, leg/hip spasm and tightness on right side

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Lower Back Pain radiated, leg/hip spasm and tightness on right side

I started out 2 years ago feeling an uncomfortable ankle cracking and tightness mainly in the upper part of my right leg. There was spasming in the leg and the hamstrings were incredibly tight. This eventually continued into a warm, tingling lower back discomfort that has eventually radiated up to my upper back. That pain became chronic for the past 2 years. Sitting and standing for long periods make it worse while walking is probably the most comfortable. It is still most intense in my lower back with an aching painful feeling. Also when I curl my right leg up towards my back I often feel a popping sensation in the area just above my butt. Trying to rotate my right leg out creates an extremely tight and pinching feeling on the upper outside area of my right leg.

I have had 2 MRI's, X rays, an EMG, and have seen all kinds of different doctors.

Treatments I have tried include: Sustained Physical therapy for 8 months, 3 Epidural injections in lower back, 1 Sacroiliac joint injection, 1 numbing injection into facets, full DRX decompression treatment, 6 prolotherapy treatments, yoga, SI adjustments, acupuncture, chiropractors, an inversion machine.

No doctor has come up with the problem, suggestions have included an Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, myofascial back pain, and SI joint dysfuntction. One idea I had was that I had my labrum repaired in my right shoulder 6 months before all this started happening and I wonder if there is a domino effect that has caused a tightening of the muscles.

Muscle relaxers and heavy nsaids are ok, but just put me in a fog the rest of the day.

I am at the end of my rope. Any suggestions or recommendations would be welcome. Thanks

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mentioned si joint dysfunction twice, sorry

mentioned si joint dysfuntion twice, sorry

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Welcome to SH!

You've come to a wonderfully supportive site. I hope you can get some answers.

May I ask what they saw on your MRI's???

Best wishes to you,


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2 years, end of my rope

Hi, thanks Marianne, everything came out normal on my films and my tests. The only thing they said they may have seen was that my back doesn't curve out quite enough at the bottom. In other words the architecture of my back might be too rigid. I forgot to mention I'm a 28 year old male, and was an athlete, and this has depressed me to no end. The only other thing I can think to say is that I have to crack my back extensively every day, especially moving it side to side. If anyone has suffered from anything similar and has a suggestion, I would be more than grateful.

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Hi there!

Welcome to the site! I'm sure you'll find plenty of help, because someone will have had something similar to what you've got.

You say you've got intense pain in your lower back? When they did the MRI, did they concentrate on that part? Exactly where is this pain and what does it feel like? What brings it on, movement, sitting, standing, walking or just keeping still? From where does the pain emanate?

Have they checked nerve impingement at L5/S1? Have they checked for bulging or herniated discs?

Apologies for all the questions, but your symptoms are actually quite similar to mine.

PS Which muscle relaxants are you taking?

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re: val

HI Val, thanks for your message. It is focused in the tip of my lowe back, I guess you could call it the L5 area. It is an deep deep ache almost as if it was heavily bruised and a tightness that makes me have to crack my back constantly and makes the muscles all over my back clench up. It is constant, but it is exacerbated by sitting and standing for longer periods. Lying down and walking are probably the best for it.
The weird part is it started to emanate form what i thought was my upper thigh area, causing my ankel to have to crack all the time in an uncomfortable manner. But then it basically seemed to drift up to my lower back and concentrate itself there.

They did an Mri on the lower back and they did not see any nerve impingement. I had an emg on my leg and thigh and that showed up as normal. If you know of another test please let me know.

At this point, I'm looking at a few things. I was on the forum the other day and some considerate people suggested that with all the popping i have been feeling in my buttock area and my ankle, back etcetera it may be a musculoskeletal issue. However I've had a epidural in my si joint that didnt shed light on anything and I've had 6 sessions of prolotherapy on my lower back area with little to no improvement. It was suggested I look into my "Psoas" muscle which I've been researching, the other thing I've never had is a cat scan. Thats all i got right now, again any assistance would be great.

I unfortunately dont have the prescrip for the muscle relaxer i take but its a new one, and knocks you out some but less than felexeril and some others. I am home tomorrow and can forard oyu the name. thanks.

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i see that the epidural did

i see that the epidural did not work have u looked into trigger point injections

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Hi and Welcome

I was told by a physical therapist and Dr that I had mild scoliosis and I always cracked my back to relief the pressure for years. Now with the herniated disc I also have facet joint arthropy(arthritis) and have had a little relief wih 8 weeks of 8 trigger point injections as well as facet joint injs and 5 epidurals with a little relief. I used to crack my back all the time but now my back is too sore to do it. But I have grinding sounds and spine movements now I never had before the herniation. Do you have scolisis or flat feet? I think just the constant bending twisting caused my herniated disc and facet joint problems. I hope you find some relief with some treatment. I also went to a 2nd PM Dr for a 2nd opinion and he noted I needed the facet joint injections. Sorry so much about me but I can relate to some of your symptoms. I hope they can do a CT or repeat MRI if the pain is worse. Keep us updated on your care. Take care. Charry

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