pain halfway between spine and hip

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pain halfway between spine and hip

Good Morning.or not, as the case may be. I got up this am with a great deal of pain across the left side of my lower back. It hurts when I raise my leg, sitting, walking. In other words, just hurts! I don't think this is what people call radiculopathy, butt doesn't hurt or down leg. I do have bulging L4-5, but this is different. Please help! Any ideas on what I can do to improve this. I go to work at 2:00pm PST, and will be sitting and driving for 8 hours. What type of dr do I see for this? The right side hurts a little, but nothing like the left. Thanks for info.


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Odd pain!

Maybe a pinched nerve or a pulled muscle? Go to an Urgent Care center. Good luck!

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Try a hot pack

Try a hot pack on the area or a hot bath for some temporary relief. Hope it improoves soon. Smile