Paraspinal muscles edema - cause of lower back pain?

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Paraspinal muscles edema - cause of lower back pain?

Do you know what paraspinal muscle edema stands for?

I had a microdiscectomy L4L5 in 2011 (after years of severe left leg pain and minor back pain), followed by insertion of a Wallis ligament to stabilise my spine, always at L4L5 level for severe DDD in August 2013.

I've been having horrible back pain since, and the pain got so bad that I had to stop working a month ago.
Meds do not seem to help that much, and I can cope with it only when I'm not doing walk for less than 5 minutes, and intermittently stretch lying down during the day.
I had an MRI today and the report says "paraspinal edema around Wallis ligament". Also states a have a median slipped disk on L3 L4 (unheard of before!) and some sacralisalisation at S1.

What does paraspinal edema mean? Could that be the cause of my pain?

Thanks for you help!