perineural fibrosis?

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perineural fibrosis?

Anyone have any ifo on this? It is on my MRI report. I had microdiscectormy in October 2009. Had MRI in June 2010. I have severe pain in lower back now, especially at night. Have a new MRI planned for April 29. I looked at the copy I have of the old report and saw that and looked it up and wondered if that is the actual cause of my pain because in June 2010 I went tot he doctor because i was having some lower back pain but not as much as I haven now. He suggested a fusiona dn i was not ready for it at the time. I am ready now. He is repeating the MRI because the old one is, well, old. It is also a new doctor because my usual one left the practice and went to work for the government. Anyway, I went off topic. Anyone have any info on that perineural fibrosis?
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