Revision Decompression and Fusion L4/5

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michael james
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Revision Decompression and Fusion L4/5

I had a disc removed and my spine fused at L4/5 last April 27th.Over the past year, I had noticed the pain and numbness I felt before surgery had actually got better.Now on the down side.Even though the original pain had went away, I am now in severe pain right at the site of the surgery. After having a CT scan, it was discovered that I had 2 more discs herniated and the bone graph has actually grown into the spinal column. This is pressing up against the sack that has the spinal fluid in it.So on July 11th I will be going in for a revision of of the first surgery to remove the bone graft and try placing it back in its attended spot.I was told this surgery will be more difficult and complicated and will take longer than the original one. There is a good chance of bleeding and getting an infection, depending on the amount of scar tissue. I am really nervous this time and was hoping someone may know about this type of surgery and could tell me what I should expect.If it gets rid of half the pain I am going through at this time, I really would be greatfull. Thank-you for reading this and hope you may have some advice I could use

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Best Wishes

I am sure all will go well & smoothly for you.Be strong & focus on the positive.And i would say,in the interim don't be scared to use the pain meds available.I have the attitude of why suffer!!
All the best & I'll look out for your updates.
Stay strong.

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Hi michael james

First of all welcome. I have not had the exact surgery you are having but after the fusion of L4/L5 my spine started collapsing in on itself and my body responded by growing a bone spur which pressed on the spinal column. I had another fusion 7 months after the first one, this time fusing L1 to L5, removing the bone spur and using a bone graft from my hip. The bone graft recovery was worse than the surgery recovery!! I have a lot of scar tissue and was also told of risk of losing a lot of blood. A vascular surgeon was to be part of the team. The surgery took 6 hours, was very successful and I was in the hospital for 5 days. I have a great back surgeon. I recovered well from that only to have ANOTHER fusion this march of L5/S1. But back to you, I can understand your being nervous about things. The doctors were able to work around my tremendous amount of scar tissue. Of course they have to move things around and one of the side effects is ileus where your intestines stop functioning. It takes awhile to get back to normal. But it happens!! Good luck with your surgery. I hope this has helped. Please let us know how it goes.


Spinal stenosis, spondolysis, spondolythesis, L4/L5 laminectomy, L4/L5 360 fusion with instrumentation, L1 to L5 fusion with instrumentation and bone graft from hip, L1/S1 fusion with replacement disc put in and a nice bolt from my spine to my pelvis; PT, accupuncture, prolotherapy, many cortisone injections, 4 rhizotomies. Currently on tramadol.

L4/L5 laminectomy, L4/L5 360 fusion with instrumentation, L1 to L5 fusion, L5/S1 fusion w/ disc replacement, left and right SI joints fused.