Sharp Pain near right kidney

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Sharp Pain near right kidney

I am not sure if this forum is strictly spine related back pain but I figured it couldn't hurt throwing this question out there.
My issue is that I get a really sharp intense pain near my right kidney when I stand straight up after being bent over. For instance, if I am bent over when picking up something off of the floor i get a really sharp pain near my right kidney. The pain goes away as soon as it comes. It is almost like someone stabs me real quick and then pulls out the knife. I would say the pain lasts less than a half a second.
This has been happening for a couple years now. It first started on the golf course when i stood back up after picking up my ball. Then it did not happen for a little while. But now it happens every time I stand straight up. I have not seen a doctor about this because the pain does not stick around. I am just wondering if anyone has had this before or knows what might be happening to me.
Does this sound like it could be the start of something more serious? I will bring it up at my next physical but if it is the symptom of something more severe I will make an appointment earlier. I figured it was not the symptom of something worse since I have had this happening to me for a couple years now.
Any replies would be appreciated.

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I also have experienced

I also have experienced something similar. I was worried about thoracic disc problems but mine seems to have passed. I did a little reserach and mine could have been gallbladder/stones or something similar. Although mine would occationally come in from the left. I suspected GAS so I started taking Nexium again and it seems to be gone.

My pain never lasted more than a few minutes (a good thing bc/I thought I would pass out). You should call your doctor right away if you suspect the gallbladder. It can be very dangerous.