Steroids and lower back spasms

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Steroids and lower back spasms

Hi All,

I am currently having a flare up like I have not had in quite a while. I called and got a prescription for oral steroids, which seemed to settle down some of the extra leg and back pain. Anyway, I am in the middle of the course, it's one where you take six the first day, five the next and so on. Yesterday though, I started having lower back spasms which I haven't had too much. And yes, these are spasms, not the nerve twitches. They happen when I have been standing up for a while and then sit down. About thirty seconds after I sit down, they start.

What I was wondering is has anyone had this happen while on steroids and could it be a side effect from them?

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Not sure if it could be a side effect but I have had tremendous spasms that coincide with a bout of severe lower back pain.