subluxation in lower back....

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subluxation in lower back....

okay, this is all that i know i have. ive had a sublaxation in my spine located in the lower back region. also, my pelvis is misaligned. this has been going on for about 8 years now. i injured my back while i was in high school. i dont remember what its like to go through a day without severe back pain. it mainly hurts on my left lower back side, and shoots down my leg. i havent been able to bend over to touch my toes without seriously bending at the knees, so my flexibility has suffered as well. it hurts so much to even try. i had been going to chiropractors off and on since this started in high school. none have really done anything spectacular, so i dont know what to do anymore. when i look in the mirror my hip bulges out on my right side, and it looks crazy. ive considered trying the spinal decompression thing, what can i expect with my current status?

also, i find the only thing that seems to even help a bit is excerising...of course. do any of you have techniques you would suggest?

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Paul is right

I would definitely get a doc other than chiro to do xrays and MRI. In my case the chiro actually worsened my problem. Have you ever had anyone besides a chiro look at your problem?

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i feel your pain

i've been dealing with lower back pain for over a year now and i understand your frustrations. i have to say that seeing a chiro was the first person to really show me what was wrong, subluxation in my lower back and sacrum, and he was the first to give me some relief...however, the pain is starting to come back. i'm going to see a dr at the Bone and Joint center in Hershey, PA next week, so hopefully they'll be able to help me...i'm just hoping they won't tell me surgery. exercise helps me as well, however, i have a tough time getting motivated and to push through the pain to get started. i see a massage therapist and she helps me greatly as well. don't give up the fight, there is someone out there able to help you.

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As others have suggested, I

As others have suggested, I would highly recommend getting in to see an orthopedic spine doctor or a physiatrist. On the whole, the theory of subluxations is confined to chiropractors, and because they have not helped you it will likely be beneficial to see an orthopedist or physiatrist who might be better able to explain what is going on with your back.

Because the chiropractors have not effectively treated you, another option may be to get in with a good manual physical therapist. They do mobilizations, but in a gentler way than chiropractors, and then help you strengthen the muscles to hold the mobilizations. They also do soft tissue work to release any tight, painful muscles. Given what you say about bending forward, it sounds like you might get some pain relief if you could see a physical therapist and learn some gentle stretches to start loosening things up.

As far as exercise, it can be tricky with back pain but my top 3 are walking, swimming, and the elliptical. If you have any sort of pelvic misalignment I'd recommend avoiding stationary bikes because these place a good bit of stress across the SI joints in the pelvis. A physical therapist would be able to give you specific strengthening/stretching exercises that may help your back, and would be much more qualified to help you figure out what types of exercise are best for you.

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yeah, you need to get away

yeah, you need to get away from the chiropractors.
"Subluxation" and "pelvis misalignment" is chiropractor talk. You need an ACTUAL REAL doctor.

What was your injury?
Have you had any MTI's or CT scans?

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