surgery again after 10 years

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surgery again after 10 years

I am new to this forum but I found it quite
nice to hear from all of you people who have had
similar problems as me
1 had fusion disc surgery 10 years ago & it went fairly
well after a bout with staph after 10 days from surgery
but now I am having severe lower back pain again
& doc wants to do anterior fusion surgery on
l3 l4 was my fusion surgery caused by a fall
he now wants to do l1 or 2

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hi mark

if its any consolation most back surgeries last around 10 years.including mine ,my last one was 18 months ago and before that 10 years .but i have just refused a fusion for facet joint hypertrophy. i have heard too many sad stories about fusions so despite the pain i will battle on with pain killers and TENS