What is Reactive Endplate Marrow increased Signal on MRI Findings?

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What is Reactive Endplate Marrow increased Signal on MRI Findings?

Hello I don't know what this means on my MRI findings. Can anyone help or have an IDEA? Any info would help...
My MRI shows : Nromal marrow signal findings, apart from some reactive endplate marrow increased signal associated with degenerative discopathy L5-S1?

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I'll try ~

I'm usually pretty good with interpreting MRIs but can only give you a general idea....
First, here is a definition of end plate from this website:

Vertebral End Plates
Vertebral end plates are the top and bottom portions of the vertebral bodies that interface with the vertebral discs. The vertebral end plate is composed of a layer of thickened cancellous bone, The force imposed on the endplate from major load bearing or a herniated disc can cause end-plate abnormality and dysfunction. . Malformations and fractures in the vertebral end plate can be detected through MRI scan or discogram.


Basically what the notes are saying is that the MRI is picking up some degenerative changes in the end plate of the L5 vertebra, which is associated with "degenerative discopathy at L5-S1"...there is some disk dessication (drying out & losing height) at the L5-S1 disk. Discopathy is any disease affecting an intervertebral disk.

I think the "normal marrow signal" means that, other than the end plate, the condition of the marrow looks OK.

So as it says on the L5-S1 impressions: it sounds like there are some arthritic changes in the vertebrae and the disk is bulging...but it is not causing any narrowing of the central canal.

Also, basic impression is MILD arthritic changes in the lumbar spine.

Of course I am not a medical professional and this is just a layman's guess at the meaning of your MRI findings.... Grin

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we can't be replaced by your MD

hello and welcome
I am not a radiologist but you might google Mobic pain. I believe this endplate signal may be indicative of this as well. Also ask your doc for more clarification until you understand each part.

take care