Anyone else on Workers Comp?

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Anyone else on Workers Comp?

Back in Feb I was at work standing and talking to my supervisor (whose desk was next to mine)and as I sat down my chair rolled backwards sending me falling. I landed on my back and hit my head pretty hard on my desk leg and wound up with a mild concussion. I suffered from mild to moderate headaches for several months (which my PC doc said was going to happen)but nothing debilitating until one day in July when I woke up and could barely move my neck. After an MRI, it was determined that I have a bulging disc at C6-C7 and according to my NS it has the nerve squished completely flat supplying my left arm and shoulder. I suffer from neck, shoulder, upper left chest, arm and hand pain. Also numbness, tingling and headaches.... I wasnt sure if the fall was related but the docs seem to think so.

I finally got into the NS on Nov. 18th and he said the pain doesnt worry him as much as the marked weakness in the triceps of my left arm. I can barely lift or carry anything without my arm feeling completely worn out.

I have to deal with workers comp which started off not so good but I now have a Nurse case worker who seems to be really caring and helpful. I have to call her after every appointment and let her know whats going on. So far I have only missed a couple of days of work.

I am supposed to have an Epidural sometime soon or at least as soon as workers comp will approve it. He said that I could have two or three if I wanted too but not matter what the only fix is going to be surgery.

I am hoping to have the Epidural before Christmas and may go ahead with surgery the first of the year or whenever Workers comp approves it.....Hopefully they will approve it.

Anyone have any tips on dealing with workers comp or suggestions?


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I am also on comp and one

I am also on comp and one thing you have to know is the nurse works for the comp insurance company and wants to do the best for them not you DO NOT let him/her in your doctors office I made that mistake and when you do that you forfit you doctor pactient privlidges .I've been dealing with comp for over 2 years now and have been out of work since june 26 if there's any questions you have feel free to ask.

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My workmans comp is being appealed

I have to agree, workmans comp are always going to fight for the company and will find anything that they can to try and prove that it didn't happen at work. It is very frustrating. I first tried to get TDI but my companies short term disability company denied my claim. They told me that I needed to file for Workmans comp. This all came 2 days after I had surgery., 8 weeks without a paycheck and then I hired a lawyer and won my case; but then the insurance company appealed so I have to go back to court and hopefully win my case.
My suggestion is that you get a lawyer, most you do not have to pay unless you win your case. To try and fight against a corporate lawyer by yourself ; I would not suggest. I was glad that I had one . Hopefully when I go back, I feeel the same way.
Good Luck. We need it. If it happens at work then it happened at work.

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RE: Workman's Comp

I had about 2 years experience with these guys. They did ok for the most part. I was out for 7 months the last time around. They were treating me for left arm pain and tendinitis in that arm.

As soon as they found out a lot of the problem was my cervical spine they said that that was caused by posture and genetics thus not qualified as workmans comp.

They paid for tendinitis and left arm pain only then closed the case. I went back to work for about 4 montns and now have been out 6 months again. This time I've been on short term disability and now long term disability.

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