anyone with myelopothy tried dx9000 or spinal decompression machines?

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anyone with myelopothy tried dx9000 or spinal decompression machines?

anyone with myelopothy tried dx9000 or spinal decompression machines? i am still not convinced i want to do this surgery. all the doc's tell me the same thing.the myelopthy is dangerous and will only get worse. but what about these new machines called dx9000 or spinal cord compression? alot of chiropractors use them and say it helps.

i don't know what to do cause my legs are getting worse and worse. but the arm i can live with.


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I was just the opposite. I used this on my lower back and it worked great. I have three herniated discs in my lower back, DDD and bone spurs. It really helped my ability to walk again without surgery. But it made my neck worse and so I finally went in for ACDF and am so glad I did!

Good luck.


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DRX9000 /Traction/Spinal decompression machines

There are many different posts dealing with the DRX9000 machine. I was looking into trying that out several years ago. I talked with several doctors (Neurologist, Neurosurgeon, Pain Mgt doctor) as well as Physical Therapists and Chiropractors.
The general consensus was that those machines basically provided the same treatment you can receive from most Traction Units at Rehab centers.
That being said, any of the treatments I list on the subject line may be effective in treating and providing some relief with spinal problems. For many patients, the DRX9000 may not be covered by Insurance, so, Traction from Physical Therapy might be a better answer.

With cervical situations, there is a good article written by Dr Ulrich: Cervical Stenosis with Myelopathy

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