Anyone sleep with a soft cervical collar?

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Anyone sleep with a soft cervical collar?

I'm currently using a memory foam pillow that supports my neck, but I think my neck may be twisting and turning while I'm sleeping. My doc said to try a soft cervical collar but all I see are one size fits all at CVS or Walgreens and they look quite bulky. I'm skeptical of ordering anything off the internet but would consider if any of you have had personal good luck with any particular brand.

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Hi Maddysmom

I think you might want to switch pillows rather than the neck brace. I found that the neck brace added too much bulk to also sleep on my favorite neck support pillow (tempurpedic). So, maybe try a flatter pillow that you put only under your head and that matches the depth of the neck brace.

I hope I explained this so you can understand what I mean. I had the same problem and the different pillow seemed to help. I went right back to my neck pillow when I decided not to sleep with my neck brace any more.

Good luck and let me know if this works.

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Good Morning ...

I have to admit ... that like a favorite blankie ...
I wear my soft foam cervical collar most nights. This is in addition to a foam cervical pillow with the rounded ends and dip in the middle. The combo seems to do well. The collar i use i have had since my emergency medicine days 20+ years ago ... It is a "universal" and a quick search on the net found one just like it. Google seach for: Core Universal Cervical Collar # 6218 2" Foam Neck Support.

This type of collar already has the "cut out" for the chin. The ones at the pharmacys seem to have a velcro adjustment to create the indent for your chin. I have avoided getting a new one because of that "feature".

As always ... check with your doctor(s) as to if it is an appropriate thing for you to do. (wearing collar at night).

Have the best day possible!


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Thanks Cath & Metalneck

for your suggestions. I hope better neck support and an infrared heating pad will help me not feel like 80 years old when I wake up. Smile

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I was given a collor at the er this was one that also had a cut out for the chin. it was real bulki and seemed to lift up on my head to wear my neck still hurt. I went to PT and they noticed the collor was the wrong one. A similir collor was given to me however this one was smaller in the front and still had a cut out for my chin, i was told that my head should be down more to release the preasure from my neck, it does seem to do that so be careful not to get one with a high chin in the front.

Hope you feel better.

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For sleeping, I still like a plain ole neck pillow

After all my ACDF surgeries and wearing a Hard Collar for 7+ weeks 24x7, going into a soft collar seemed like a vacation.

My doctors and therapist however, told me do not use the soft collar that often. What might happen is your neck gets used to the support and the muscles you need to build up to support your head are not being worked on

Its been 10 years since my last ACDF and I still prefer a neck pillow to a normal pillow. When we travel or visit, I generally never used pillows, instead I just roll up a towel to put under my neck.

But when you have doubts, its good to get ideas and suggestions here at Spine-Health. But never substitute that for the formal medical advice you will get from your doctors.

Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Moderator
Dont laugh at me

Neck of Steel Cindy
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What works one night for me may not work another. I have purchased MANY pillows over the years, but always go back to my loosely filled feather pillow that I can scrunch at the base of my neck, and then a memory foam for my head to lay on.

I have used 3 different collars and recently started wearing one again. There are many different types. 2 of mine are soft collars. One is thick and bulky, the other is thinner and seems to give me the needed support without the bulkiness. My suggestion would be to find somewhere that you can experiment with different ones, see what fits you the best.

There is a topic posted here where pillows were discussed in depth. I'll try to find that and post it here.


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