Arms & legs jerking after C4-7 operation, is it normal?

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Arms & legs jerking after C4-7 operation, is it normal?

Six weeks ago today I had C4-7 surgey with cage & plate, my arm(s) and leg (s) have been jerking while I am just sitting or laying down. Why? is the pills I am taking? Norcol and Flexeril. I get some really strange looks from people wondering what's wrong with Rick.

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Perhaps it could be your nerves trying to get back to normal. I would say something to your NS or OS who did your surgery. I had RLS before my surgeries, but now am having twitching and jerking at times in my legs. My OS thinks that it is related to my spinal cord damage, but am waiting until next weeks NS appt to see what he thinks. Hope things get better soon.