bone spurs

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bone spurs

Has anyone asked their doctor how long it takes for bone spurs to grow? Or how early after an ACDF a person can start having problems with Arthritis? I have heard some doctors say years... But I really don't think it takes that long. After having an ACDF isn't fusion growth of bone?? I have also read on these lists, where someone had a bone spur cleaned up, for it only to come back. How fast do they come back? I am sure they are not years....Are they?

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Bone Spurs and Osteophites

I had a significant Osteophite form on the anterior (front) of my first plate after 1.5 years. It was partially occluding (blocking) my esophogus. Everytime I would swallow it would cause my plate to knock my discs, and my discs would then knock my spinal cord. PAIN !!

If fusion can happen within several weeks ... id say osteophites and spurs could form in months. I beleive the use a bone growth hormone in the fusion procedures.

Id not a doctor nor do I play one one T.V. .... But I have played Dr. for 30+ years. Paramedic - P.A. and more ....

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