cervical 1 and 2

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cervical 1 and 2

Does anyone know of any treatments for cervical disc 1 and 2, I see alot of posts for c-3 thru 7 but no treatments on the top two?

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You are correct that there isn't much information dealing with the higher levels of the spine. That is because it is not as common of a area to go out. But it does get injured like any other place in the body can, just not as frequent. Your available treatments would depend on what type of issues you are having? What type of treatments is your doctor recommending? In general most types of treatments that are available for the lower spine are still available for the upper spine just have to be a little bit more customized. For example there are injections available, just the type of injection may be different than what they would do at say c4. Also physical therapy can be done to strengthen your core body to do the work. Massage therapy is available as well as trigger point injection to help with spasms. But the type of treatment program should be worked between you and your doctor specifically as to what your diagnoses is and what will give you the best results. keep us posted on how you get along.