Cervical Fusion c4-c7 Post Op 3 months Stiffness/Pain

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Monica Lynn
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Cervical Fusion c4-c7 Post Op 3 months Stiffness/Pain

Crying I am now 3 months post op and do not see my new Neurologist until July 28. I still have not slept through one night, neck feels like getting tighter, choking/feeling the plate more and more. I have extreme trouble lifting head off of pillow. Pain shoots down both sides of my neck and now I am getting pain in the middle of my neck in back, pains will shoot up to my head. Has anybody had these problems? I just feel like I can not take too much more of this. I feel 90 in a 45 year old body.

Sorry to whine, but I just never know what to expect with this neck I have been left with. ~X(

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Hi Monica

Why don't you give your surgeon a call and explain the problems you're having? At three months post-op, I would expect you to have less problems than you're having.

I'm sorry you're going through this, I know it's no fun.


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Monica lynn

Do they have you on any kind of muscle relaxants? It sounds like all your neck muscles are tightening up from the surgery? Maybe see if you can do a massage or two to loosen them up. I believe i was able to do massages two months after my surgery.