Cervical radiculopathy causing high blood pressure?

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Cervical radiculopathy causing high blood pressure?

Hi, In November 2008 I ruptured a disc at C5/C6. Radiculopathy ensued into the left arm. I was rapidly diagnosed/treated but one of the issues that each doctor mentioned was that my blood pressure was sky high. As a long distance runner, my bp is normally around 115/70.

The night I went to the ER in excruciating pain, my bp went up to 160/106.

After having been prescribed 50mg of Toprol XL, my BP is now only down to 147/93.

My pain has subsided greatly but I am really concerned as to why my blood pressure is still sky high.

Is it possible that the pinched nerves causing the radiculopathy are also responsible for causing high blood pressure?

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High BP

I can tell you that I had developed high blood pressure (170/100) before I had a hysterectomy in March 2008. I tried a couple of different bp meds but they made me feel SOOO BAAADD. After my surgery, my blood pressure went down and never went back up. My doctor said that I was probably having the high bp becasue of all of the pain I was in.

That was a year ago and no bp problems until I herniated a disc at c5 c6 (or actually until I went to PT and they HURT me). I now have cervical radiculopathy and my bp is back up.

SOOOO - My non-professional opinion is that pain definitley cause blood pressure to go up.

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One more thing to

One more thing to consider...stress can raise your blood pressure. I too had normal blood pressure prior to herniating my disc (C6/C7). The pain and the stress of thinking about potential surgery, etc. had to have made my BP jump.

Now that I'm on the mend, my BP has dropped down to about normal. Give it time and monitor it.

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Hiya, Grin I can only advise you based on my own personal experiences Thinking When you have the type of surgery you have had, your body goes into trauma,and this affects the blood pressure Thinking . you and your doctor are right in saying blood pressure can be affected by pain, the way to find that out is to do your pulse when you are well rested, if it races this can be an indication of pain. Smile I hope this helps you Grin let us know ! Hug

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Just a thought

Smile pain in itself can cause high blood pressure. ~X( you were seen in the emergency room, under severe pain and found high blood pressure. there has been a correlation between the two found. Thinking talk to your pm doctor about that. just a thought! Jenny Smile

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Cervical radiculopathy causing high blood pressure

Could a cervical radiculopathy causes very high blood pressure and that in turn causing an aorta ascendent aneurism?

I am try to get more help on this. The only pain reducing element has been Dicoloreum 75 mg via injections, Along with microser 10 mg pills to halt the dizziness and Voltaren gel to work on the pain. When used in combination my BP goes back down to 128/74 and 65 pulse... but in the "pain phase" has shoot up to 228/124 with a 90 pulse...

The MRI showed some mild compression on c4-c6 and c7... no hernia... any of you have had same problems have any solutions?
PS I Tried PT and Acupuncture none of those have given any help except a temporary relief that culminated later in more pain...

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cervical neck degerative cause high blood pressure or not

i have something similar 3 years ago i had terrible headaches fever pain all over my body didn't know what it was until the day i had my MRI report i was diagnose with cervical degenerative disc on my neck ever since that that i had so many health problems first i had pain in my stomach i was having rectal bleeding on my bowel i thought i had cancer and i went to the doctor and told me that i need a colonoscopy. i had that done they didn't find any thing just hemorrhoids and then high blood pressure i'm doing exercises with my home gym and still have high blood pressure when to doctor gave me medication for the High blood pressure and still the same sometimes i blood pressure normal during the night because of the workout but in the morning get again and also i have pleura thickening in my lungs i have allergies that does goes away i don't know what going on with me my lung doctor doesn't know what's causing it . does anybody have this symptoms

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Have you had a sleep study

I've developed severe obstructive sleep apnea since my surgeries (fused with hardware C 5-6-7) I was finally diagnosed this month, combination of pain and lack of sleep for over 4 years has been a contributor to my high BP, which was always low before my trip to the ER in 08. I also developed tinnitus after 1st surgery and because I hear my heart beat in my ears I found I have irregular heart beat now as well, I believe all related to nerves in my neck.