cracking noise

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cracking noise

I have noticed that whenever I move my neck,head, there is grinding sound and sometimes my really loud cracking sound. Most times I turn my neck to crack it to relieve tightness. Is this something I should not be doing?
My other question is, when I left other arms over my head and and my head is bent backward, this causes total collapse of my legs. This has happened several times. No doctor seems to say that its is caused by my herniated cervical disc.
I do have herniation of the c-5, c-6 and bulging of c6-c7.
I have increase tightness of my neck and seems like there are huge bumps along my neck spine.
I still have shoulder pain and now electric type pain along my ribs when I swipe or rake.
I also have increased dizziness, but Ent said it was not my ears but something about my occipital motor related to the CNS. Don't know what that means either.

I know this is a lot, but I would really appreciate any response. I am so tired of going to different doctors all saying that it is not my herniated disc, but then not telling me what is going on. Thanks.

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Hi Silkie

I have cracking grinding in my spine and I have DDD and L5-S1 herniation. My spine feels very unstable with the grinding. I'm quite concerned you have leg weakness. Are you seeing a Neurologist? I had leg weakness but not to that extent. Hope you find some answers. Take care. Charry

DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN

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My neck makes the same

My neck makes the same sounds. My physica therapist said it was the bulging disc making those sounds.

Bulges from c5-c6, c6-7, c7-t1

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Hi Silkie

My PT said my cracking noises and feeling of neck "hanging up" were from the osteophytes. Also told me it wasn't damaging anything. Not sure I believe that, sure is scary sometimes.

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definitely arthritis

Yes i was told the same thing i had alot of grinding noises in my neck during therapy and was told that it was the arthritis in my neck. the dizziness i have as well,what he's telling you is that its caused by something to do with you spinal cord as mine is.Do you have cord compression or an injury to it?

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cracking noise

Thank you all for your replies. I have not had a new MRI done since my last one almost a year ago. I was told at that time I may have DDD. At this point, I have seen a neurologist and a physical MD. Everytime I tell them some new symptoms, I am just told it is not my c-spine herniation. I am really rather not go to a neuro surgeon, since most seem to be too knife happy. I don't want to be in a worse shape than I am already.

bigtimeswife (not verified)
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My neck cracks when i lift anything heavy or turning in a certain direction????...Why???..It cracks whenever.

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I have a herniation at

I have a herniation at c7-t1. Happened about 6 months ago in a car accident. I notice that every so often when I turn my head to the side it cracks once. THen of course it doesnt happen again right away. Seems to me that it is after I have been keeping my head straight for a while and then turn. I also have the ear ache and dizzyness. When I look up or around like when shopping I get very uncomfortable. Not quite pain but I don't feel well.

So far none of my pain or symptoms can relate to the herniation according to the doctors. On bad days I get very angry that they can charge so much and say to little. Everyday I pray for an answer so I know what I have to deal with the rest of my life.

VickyM (not verified)
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Spine cracking

10 years ago, i had a spinal fusion of L5-S1. Recently, the area about it has started cracking, leg goes numb. Dr said my x-ray is normal, but neuro said there is permanant damage and nothing can be done. Should I see an Orthopedic dr also?

aldo berardi
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Neck and lower spine Grind

I have seen three Orthoropedic doctors and they say that its gas as well, after seeing a chiropractor at the age of 27 and seeing him for one year and the last three months seeing him twice a week, he finaly said that there is nothing left for him to do. Now im 38 and the problems have increased and getting the same answer from the doctors as i got 11 years ago, and working heavy construction for more than 15 years. Why havent Any of you doctors done more research on this topic. It's not gas, there's more to it. I heard it 11 years ago and im tired of that. Don't any of you research, other than what they write in a magazine. 11 years and it's in your head or gas????? HMMMM now i have partial loss of feeling in my right lower leg and i've told doctors and they have listened and heard the grind. Whats funny its gass but if it was in the knee or the ankle it's worn cartilage. I have theories for the doctors researching this for 11 years and non have listened. If there is a doctor that will reply to this with a private message i'll give you what i have. Maybe some one will smart'n up and look out side the box. LOL

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aldo, I am not sure how your post fits into this thread

There are many doctors who specialize in diagnosis spinal problems. You do seem to be very negative regarding the medical field and research.

From your post, it is hard to tell exactly what diagnostic tests you have had, if you are on any type of medications, what your doctors have told you in terms of treatment.

Doctors do not just tell patients , No, there is nothing I can do. If a patient accepts that answer, then they are also to blame. We owe it to ourselves to question doctors and analysis. If it doesnt seem right, we should be going to have a second opinion.

If doctors and others have not done all the research, then spinal surgery would be as ancient
as it was 30 years ago. So much new procedures have been introduced to make things easier for the patients

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Dont laugh at me