Crushed discs

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Crushed discs

I'm new here and put my whole story in the New Member section but I also wanted to put a quick post here as well. Has anyone had crushed cervical discs before? A recent MRI done on my neck shows I've got them on the left side of neck in C-5,6&7 which may or may not be causing pain in my right shoulder/chest area. I have no neck pain, just tightness and the occasional tension headache. Unfortunately I've been unable to find anything on the internet in regards to crushed discs. I'm having an epidural injection in two weeks and am really nervous about having to have it done. Thanks for any information anyone can share with me. Smile

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I was told it would be IV sedation. That's not the same as general anesthesia is it? Will I still be awake?

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I had a cervical epidural steriod injection in late April. My experience was exactly like Bubblegum's - I don't remember a thing! I remember climbing up on the table and then the next thing I remember is waking up in the recovery room sitting in a recliner. I have no idea how I got into the recliner! I hope I didn't say anything stupid...

Some members here have had epidural injections with no sedation. It is a personal decision... and sometime's the doctors. There is a forum topic called Spinal Injections, check it out for more info!

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Crushed Disc in my neck also

Hi' I just found out I have 2 crushed disc in my neck also. My symptoms were severe pain in right shoulder and chest pain. I started getting tightness in back of my head then a headache just about everyday. I had an MRI done and it showed the 2 crushed disc & degenerative disc disease. They started me on traction at home but I feel like it's making things worse. I've have the injections before on my lower back after 3 surgeries and I stopped them on 2nd one. I hurt worse. But everyone is different. I hope u luck and hope u find something to help with your pain..