Dr. says my neck is too straight due to muscle spasms

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Dr. says my neck is too straight due to muscle spasms

I have been having neck pain on the right side (Probably from muscle spasms for a long time), the pain does go up the back of my head on the right side and it sometimes radiates to my shoulder. I was rear ended last Sunday and spent the next 3 days with ice packs taking pain killers and muscle relaxers. I went to the doctor, he x-rayed it and told me my neck is too straight probably from muscle spasms and gave me more muscle relaxers and pain pills. He said if I wasn't better in two weeks, he would send me to an orthopedic dr. The car accident really made a bad situation worse. I have Rheumatoid arthritis and SLE so most of the time, doctors blame the neck probs on that. I have had trigger point injections as well as a occipital nerve block done in the past. Today, I think I need both done ASAP. Can anyone hazard a guess as to what is causing my neck pain, muscle spasms, etc?

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Hi Rebecca

Sorry to hear about the accident. I had a whiplash incident that lasted many months years ago but it resolved with muscle relaxants. But neck issues started coming up later in life that required Physiotherapy and ultrasound and inferential treatments but thankfully no injections yet.

Do you have any arm pain or numbness? Your Dr. should be made aware if so. It would be better if you had a proper diagnosis so you know what's going on with your neck and your Dr. may order an MRI. I have Degenerative discs from the trauma my neck went through earlier in life and wear and tear but having an accident can speed it up so much faster in my case anyways.

I hope you have some more answers soon from your Dr. as we can only speculate on what's going on with your neck. Take care and welcome back to Spine Health. Charry

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