Extreme Burning in lower neck, horrible painful to touch

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Extreme Burning in lower neck, horrible painful to touch

Hi, I have posted here before. 34 year old retired cop. ACDF C6-7, ACDF C7-T1 2/09 Anterior/Posterior L4-L5 L5-S1 10/07. I recently had Cervical MRI and Thoracic MRI. Results showed Herniation C4-5 and T8-9 and T-10. I am having SEVERE burning pain in my lower neck, and it ##@@##@ hurts to touch my lower neck near by shoulder blades. IF I breathe in hard it hurts. It also hurts to use the restroom which my Doc said is near Myopathy and is caused by my Thoracic Herniations.

Does anyone have an idea what is causing this SEVERE burning in my lower neck in my upper back. If I touch my spine near my shoulders I want to die. My Dr ordered two epidurals and I am waiting for them, but I do not think its gonna work. He said I would need surgery for sure on both neck and thoracic but not sure which first. I think its my neck that needs the most work first.

Anyway if anyone has similar pains or knows what is going on please let me know.


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Hello Brian

I only have bulging discs at C5-C6 and C6-C7, but with bone spurs too. But I've suffered with the deep burning as you describe. Sometimes the skin feels as if it's been 'severely sunburnt'. Bathroom issues at times too. Although not so much pain, as 'sometimes it just don't happen unless I wait !!'
My doc says that depending on which nerve has been irritated, the nerve endings get a tad cross, and so make things 'jangle'....a lot !

I hope things improve for you


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I am having the same issue

I am having the same issue right now with the burning and lower back pain to top it off. Mine is in my lower neck and right side of my neck. I am waiting for a call back from my NS right now to see what can be done. I had an epidural injection this past Monday and am not sure whether that is going to help or not and won't know for another week or two... We'll see.

Good luck to you.