guidance needed... where to place TENS pads

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guidance needed... where to place TENS pads

Hello friends,

I need advice on where it would best to place tens pads for my particular condition and pain.

I have ulnar nerve entrapment/compression in my neck on my right side somewhere in the vicinity between c3 and c4. The pain radiates through my upper shoulder and down my arm to the elbow.

I've tried multiple placements, but haven't had any luck find the best 'spots' given such a large area.

What works for you?

Thanks in advance...

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Since the TENS works on the Gate Theory of blocking the pain signal, if you haven't already tried it, try making an X over the portion of your spine known to be the culprit in generating the pain. So basically you should have about a 4 to 6 inch square boxed by the pads.

So for instance right lead being R and left lead L. R for red and B for black;


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Thank you chagland! I was

Thank you chagland!

I was trying to get it to run throughout my arm from neck to elbow - made for some interesting, errr.... jumping. Now that you say it, it makes perfect sense to focus on where the pain is originating from rather than where it is felt. Durp.

Thanks again!

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is NOT the best treatment for higher up the spine pain .it is very good for lower back ache .having said that there is a device that is an external spinal cord stimulator called acticare .i will send you the link via PM be very careful using TENS above you nipple area never use across the chest or across your carotid artery.i am a strong believer in TENS and have been using various TENS units for many years .voltrol gel is good as a local pain reliever but don't use your TENS electrode where you have put any gel as the electrode will become contaminated and wont stick .i hope the link helps you
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I've used TENS on my cervical issues

for years and it did help me. Placing the pads can be a trial and error situation.

With the cervical area , you do not have as much room to work with as you would with thoracic or lumbar issues.

Everyone is unique. For me, while I was working on the computer, I would have one pad on each side of my neck, down near my collar bone. That seemed to help me the most

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