Is it normal for the cervical spine to be felt in throat?

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Is it normal for the cervical spine to be felt in throat?

I've been very sick for the last three months. I'm having extreme ear pain and pressure in my left ear, dizziness and vertigo which first started with walking and now is constant, and pain and pressure in the back of my head that spreads to the left side. I'm also having lower back spasms, nerve pains in my left leg, and bladder issues. All of this has gotten so bad that I can't function and perform normal activities.

Recently I also started choking and having trouble swallowing food. About a month ago, I choked on some food and reached back into my mouth and discovered a large lump on the far back wall of my throat. It is behind the retro pharyngeal wall and it seems like it is parallel to my C1 vertebrae.

I saw an ENT who said the lump was my cervical spine . I had an MRI of the neck which was normal, but I'm not sure if the imaging even captured that area of my spine and throat.

I've been to so many doctors and have not gotten a diagnosis. So, basically, I'm wondering is it normal for any part of your cervical spine to protrude into your throat/esophagus?

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I've never heard of that

Well before i had my surgery i had a bad pressure in my throat that did cause me to choke on my food every once in a while and it would get worse if i layed flat.I always had to sleep on an incline.I assumed though that it was just a lot of swelling from my cervical area.Since the surgery i haven't had anymore problems like that.

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Bone Spurs

My father is suffering from bone spurs pushing against his Esophagus. It has gotten to the point that he can no longer eat solid food. Because he is on Medicare we are having a difficult time finding a doctor that will treat him in our city. I've been looking on line for as much information as possible concerning this condition, but can't seem to find the names of Doctors that have done operations to correct the problem.

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I have a large, mushroom

I have a large, mushroom shaped, 1 cm, osteophyte growing into my throat @ C7. I am having fusion C3/4 in 12 days and they are going to trim this large spur off and put wax on it. I wish I could qualify for ADR but my first operation a frontal framinotmony the surgeon removed too much bone and left the bone spurs. He promised me he would leave enough for an ADR but he didn't so now it's fusion.

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i'm more concerned

with urinary problems. you may have pressure on the nerves in the lower lumbar spine which control urinary function. if that is the case you may need immediate surgery. please see spinal surgeon immediately. here is a link to the condition that should be checked

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swallow can be tough

i too have problems with swallowing - believe it or not - but liguids can be rougher going down than solids. When I swallow I can feel it between my shoulder blades and in my thoracic spine, as well as my sternum.

don't know if you have the same reaction

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I don't know about feeling

I don't know about feeling your spine in your throat, but all of your other symptoms sound like Arnold Chiari Malformation. Please look it up and see if it relates. Good luck!