Left Arm - Funny Bone Pain

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Left Arm - Funny Bone Pain

Just wanted to share the problem and the fix.
A year ago, I lifted something too heavy with my left arm and felt an intense funny bone pain down the entire length of my arm. omg! Talk about HURT!

Went to my primary care doc and he gave me Valium to take every 3 hours. This actually made me mad at the time because he's been treating me for anxiety/depression for years...and I *thought* he was simply treating THAT again. Well, hell...it worked like a charm! Unbelievable! I went in expecting to get pain medication and got an awesome muscle relaxer instead from the smartest Doc in my life. This primary care doc has been smarter/wiser than all the neuro's put together!

Hope this helps somebody.


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Hi Jasro,

This story sure brought back memories for me.

When I was in my early twenties, I was experiencing that same hitting your funny bone feeling throughout my left arm. I am left-handed, played the piano and typed a lot for my job... so I toughed it out for a while. It soon became so painful, that I couldn't sleep at night and my Internal Medicine Specialist sent me to an Orthopedic Specialist. He started me on anti-inflammatories which helped some, but I was still waking up throughout the night in pain. He then had me go for an... EEG (I think that is the name of it... they stuck needles in my arm and neck to measure the brain signal response time?) and that revealed my ulnar nerve being pinched at my elbow. The specialist told me the only way to correct the problem was by surgery and he would have to relocate my ulnar nerve. Well... I did not want surgery on that main nerve, unless I exhausted every other measure possible. It took a good 8 months of using an arm brace to sleep in at night, in combination with muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories... but the muscles finally shrunk down and the nerve was no longer pinched.

I don't remember the name of the medications he gave me, but like you... I was fortunate that they worked. This is wonderful to hear that the Valium took care of your pain. I've always associated Valium with being an anti-depressant, but have learned over the past few months that it's used for many other ailments. I come across a lot of our members that use it, too.

It's nice that you shared your success story. Someone may pop on here looking for help with the same problem that you experienced!

Hey? How are your headaches doing? I remember reading about the horrible headaches you were having under the Thoracic forum. Are you still having thoracic problems?

I am waiting for the Infrared Platinum heating pad to arrive. It's the one Charry uses and she has had excellent results with it. It sounds terrific, as you can bend it around different areas.

Hope you're doing better, Jasro.

Take good care,

Tammy Hug