Looking for people who had good results with Cervical Discograms

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Looking for people who had good results with Cervical Discograms

I am in need of a Cervical Discogram, and my insurance no longer covers Cervical Discograms and states they are investigational. I am writing an appeal and looking for people who have had a good result from a Cervical discogram and surgery.

I have been suffering neck and left shouler arm pain for 5 years now, following a car accident. Unfortunately, my MRIs just show a slight disc bulge at level 5/6 which don't match all the pain I am in daily. Any personal stories of successful cervical discograms would be greatly appreciated.


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I wish that i could report to you that i have had one...but not to date. I am intersted in the idea of this test being performed on me.

I too have cervical issues at c56 - that has progressively gotten worse over the last 2 1/2 years. It was seen on a cat scan recently that my mild herniation is now a moderate.

I am seeing a nuerosurgeon on the 5th and hope that i am not dismissed for not being 'bad enough' - i have done ALL the conservatives, pt, massage, injections and so on - with no improvement.

Do you know how much this would be out of pocket? Or if it is the wording of your doctor? Sometimes, they can help you get this requested thru the insurance.

Don't know if this has helped you but i feel your pain, physically and emotionally.