Lump in throat

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Neck of Steel Cindy
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Lump in throat

OK, I have a question, or maybe even more of a survey.

Approximately 2 months post op from my first ACDF I developed a feeling of a lump in my throat. I could relieve this feeling by changing positions. It was odd that I didn't really have awful sore throat problems immediately after surgery, but then this started around 2 months post op, like I said before. I had a barium swallow test done, which was negative, and then even had an endoscopy where the gastroenterologist "stretched" my esophagus, thinking that maybe this would help. All this was done over several months of thinking it would just go away. It did not.

Then I had the revision surgery done last May (9 months ago) and that awful chokey feeling was gone. Yay! The doctor said it was scar tissue causing the problem, and since he cleaned everything out, the scar tissue was gone. I have been very happy that it hasn't been as big of a deal this time around. Until now...

I didn't feel any of this at all for 6-7 months after this last surgery. I was thinking I dodged that bullet this time around. However for a couple of months now I have noticed the same type of feeling, but it wasn't very bad. The past couple of weeks it has been more of a nuisance, but now I am starting to feel the panicked feeling when you can't swallow. It does seem to be positional. I always feel it when I look down, and lifting my head up alleviates it somewhat, although I still feel it a bit. Laying on my back causes the same sensations, and if I tuck a pillow behind my head while laying on back it chokes me big time.

So, my question...

Have any of you had the chokey gaggy feeling start months AFTER c-spine surgery? If so, what was done about it?

Thanks for taking the time to respond.


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Hi CindyS.

I didn't have any throat issues after surgery and was eating a pork chop the night I came home. About three or four weeks after surgery I started having trouble swallowing, not a sore throat, but like there was a bit of a lump. It has gotten slightly better (or I've gotten used to it) but my biggest problem is swallowing the larger pills like the daily vitamin. I always make sure I have water around when I eat, just in case. When I was wearing my soft brace, I had to take it off to take my meds because it made it worse and the pill would get caught in my throat and I'd choke if I didn't.

I don't plan to have anything done because, like you said, it's just more of a neusance (sp?) than anything.


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i have a feeling of a lump in my throat and i'm finding over the passed month that i'm coughing because of it,drives me insane. i mentioned it to my doctor she said she thought it was just tight muscles.who knows.i did have that feeling before the surgery ,it went away for a while and now its back.