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Hello all. It looks like I found the right place! i'm having a Microforaminotomy done on c4 in 10 days. Can anyone here that has had this surgery please tell me what to expect in the recovery process? The kind of work I do requires me to look down a great deal of the time which coincidentally (or not) is my worst position for pain. The doc says I should be back to work in a couple weeks, but I find that hard to believe. Thanks in advance for your help and I'm so glad I found you people.

Cheers Wave


Chrissy1311 (not verified)
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Hi Rick

Hi Rick,

I had a foraminotomy on C 3-4 and C 4-5 but mine was not the micro kind.
I had an actuall incision on the posterior side of my neck so the recovery was verytough and painful.

There is a friend that I have and she had this procedure done and was actually back to work in a few weeks just like your doc said. It really helped her a lot and she has very very minimal pain or problems with her neck and it has been quite a few years.

Me on the other hand...well I was told when I had the foraminotomy that I would need later fusion. So I just had a 2 level ACDF C 4-6 and I am recovering from that now.

i wish you all the luck and hope this will give you the pain relief you deserve.

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HI Rick,
First let me say welcome to spine-health. There is a lot of information here to help you as well as a lot of members how are going through the same things as you are. As far as the microforaminotomy i never have heard it described that way for the c-spine. I have gone through a three level foraminotomy and the recovery not that bad. I would guess that they will be doing a posterior approach? If so the worst part of the recovery will be the spasms as they cut the posterior muscle and that smarts a bit. After the procedure i spent one night at the facility and were a neck collar home for the ride. After going through two fusion surgeries it was the easier of the three. If you do return to work in several weeks just be sure to take breaks to move your neck very often.
What is it they are trying to resolve by doing a formainotomy? Do you have bone spurs that are compressing the nerves? Anyway welcome to spine health and keep us posted on how your surgery goes and the recovery. If there is anything i can do don't hesitate to pm me.

SlickRick (not verified)
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Thank you Chrissy and Tamtam.

Tam..You are right. The MRI shows the nerve on the right side being compressed. The doc told me it would be a small incision on the back of the neck (posterior?). I' so excited to be rid of the pain as I'm sure many people here can relate to. Thanks for the kind welcome.


SlickRick (not verified)
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been 2 weeks since surgery and doing good. I have muscle cramps in the neck and upper back but its getting better. geting stitches out tomorrow Call