Moderate Arthritis

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Moderate Arthritis

That's what my xrays are showing. "Moderate arthritis at C5-6". No sign that exiting nerve roots are being impinged.

Is "moderate" related to the amount of pain/symptoms? In my case, pain, tingling, headaches that make me miserable & hand/wrist issues.

How do they define moderate vs mild, etc?

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I don't think it is related

I don't think it is related to your pain level or symptoms, only what they see on the MRI. The radiologist reviewing the MRI would probably not have any indication of your symptoms, just report on what he/she is seeing. I may be wrong about that. I've no doubt that you do have discomfort thought, even though they used the word "moderate" because that is how mine started too many years ago. Physical therapy was such a life saver at that time for me. I hope your doctor will help you fine a non-invasive way to ease your symptoms.