MRI after fusion? Metal or titanium used in posterior cervical fusions?

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MRI after fusion? Metal or titanium used in posterior cervical fusions?

Hi all,

Don't know if anyone has an answer to my question, but is metal or titanium used more frequently in posterior cervical fusions? I have screws and cross rods and don't know if I can have an MRI at this point. My fusion was in mid-2005. I know they used lateral mass screws, but can find nothing in my records to indicate if the material was metal or titanium. If it's metal, apparently I can't get an MRI.

I'll be calling the neurosurgeon who did the fusion to find out, but wanted to toss this out there in the meantime.

If you've had a fusion, have you had an MRI afterwards? Any idea what was used (or will be used if you're going to have a fusion?). Thanks for any help you can provide - it may be a while before I hear back from my neurosurgeon.

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Hope this works
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No you can't have an MRI on the area with the titanium but other areas you can. Xray and CTScan you can have. I have asked this question several times with my doctor's. I just had an MRI on my shoulder but I have the titanium in my neck and the MRI was good.


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MRI's and Metals

The only type of metal you need to worry about are ferrous, (iron,) metals. The real issue is that an MRI involves a high level of magnetism, and so you don't want to have any ferrous material in your body, such as shrapnel, otherwise it could shift and cause serious damage.

I do have to admit, however, that my first MRI after cervical surgery during which I had the titanium bracket installed, I had some horrific images in mind that of course never occurred.

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Yes to follow up MRI's

I have fusion of my C5-7 with titanium and have had several MRI's afterward of my cervical. The titanium will hide whatever is behind it however

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Thanks for all the wonderful responses. My doctor wrote me back and said I could have an MRI and that my fusion was titanium. I guess I'm not up on my metals!

But, you guys *really* answered the question!! [far better than my surgeon who basically gave me a yes/no answer]. I never understood *why* you had to be concerned about metal and MRIs.

Thanks again,