myelopathy and weakness after C5 C6 fusion

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myelopathy and weakness after C5 C6 fusion

I am looking for input and experiences with cervical myelopathy and continued arm weakness. I am almost 4 months post op after a spinal cord compression left untreated for 5 months caused by a central disc herniation. I was told my symptoms would be halted and should not get any worse. I feel my left arm weakness is worse than before surgery! It is now into my wrist and I have severe trouble with my motor skills. I am in rehab which makes the pain worse.
I talked to the NS about it and he stated I fixed your cord compression and you are too anxious for this to get better. He told me it will take a long long time for you to recover. The physical therapist told me not to expect a full recovery.
Does it always get worse before it get s better. The pain is controlled with meds but the weakness is driving me mad. The more i use it,the worse it gets.The NS tells me it's probably muscle fatigue and he feels I am better than before surgery. Anyone have trouble with this before? I am very frustrated!!!
Thanks for you input, Bethy

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I also have cervical mylepothy c5/6

I too have cervical myelopothy, C5/6
The one thing you must know, You are NOT alone. I am here for you There are a few of us on the sight, I’m sure they will introduce them selves. Bethy there is no why I can sugar coat this, you are in this for the long term, Every little bit of progress will take work, it will take every drop of energy and progress will be slow coming, never give up. Scale back your expectations and mostly keep your self occupied


A little back ground;
I’m a 48yrs old male, I have: cervical myelopothy; moderate to severe pain everyday of my life for the past 12 years,
I was diagnosed with: cervical myelopothy, sever stinosis in the neck, and severe D.D.D ,
At 37 I had to have a lamanectomy from C3 to C7 inclusive, do to herniated discs, affecting my spinal cord. The doctors have made it very clear that there is real nothing left to try, medically. Which means this is it…..
Presently I can not feel with my hands, no sensation, I have pain from my head to my toes. I have been on every type of pain medication and all stopped working after a while
Now I take Lyrica and and medical marijuana
(My advice to the world ,” acceptance, never give up, keep your self occupied . get psychological help, just to put things into prospective. Try to smile)