Narrow discs in the neck

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Narrow discs in the neck

Yesterday afternoon before getting my cervical epidural injection I met with the doctor who was doing the procedure. He asked me if my previous ortho went over the results of the MRI report on my neck. I told him as I understood it, I have 3 crushed discs and 2 other problem areas but don't know what they are. He said no, the discs are not crushed but narrowing. He showed me a picture from the MRI a couple of weeks ago of what he was talking about and I could clearly see it. I also have a couple of others that are protruding, but no biggie there. He asked me what my symptons were and I went through the whole spill about all the shoulder pain and tightness I'd been having, and with last weeks flare up pain traveling from the arm into the fingers. I did notice he wrote DDD/DSD on my file. DDD-isn't that Degeneration Disk Syndrome? It seems that from what I've read on this site in the information part, nothing was talked about in regards to shoulder pain but only lower back and down to the legs. Needless to say I'm a little bit confused. Thinking

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DDD and stenosis

The narrowing of the disc can cause stenosis which does put pressure on your spinal cord, it doesn't have to be a protrusion pushing against it. DDD is Degenertive Disc Disease. Ther are some good articals on the site that help with the explainations much better than I can.

Hope that this may help.


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thanks Mark

for the links. That's what I was looking for. :)
I do not have pressure on my spinal cord at this point but the doctor who gave me the injection says it appears I have a pinched nerve.